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    Flying back to California felt like going back in time, for multiple reasons. One: I was regressing three time zones. Two: it still felt like summer here, even in November. And three, and most importantly: I was back in my father's arms.

    Running to greet him at LAX felt straight out of a movie. Before we knew it, we were kissing passionately, like two lovers separated for too long. People looked at us, but we ignored them. They probably thought we were two gay lovers with an age gap between them, but that was nothing unusual in LA (plus, to be fair, Dad looked much younger than he was). I myself felt like I was meeting both a father and a lover; they just happened to be the same person.

    The drive down to Laguna Beach felt reminiscent of the first time we met, only this time there was none of that initial awkwardness. Instead, there was me talking a mile a minute, trying to catch Dad up on everything that'd happened since I started college at BU.

    "And then Brady, my roommate, walks in," I was talking loudly during the drive, with the roof down and the wind blowing through my hair, "he walks in and introduces me to these 50-year-old guys, both of them very handsome, and he just nonchalantly says 'These are Sven and David, my partners.' Like, it was hilarious."

    "I need to meet this roommate of yours, if he's into daddies," Dad smiled at me from behind the wheel. His white teeth shined even brighter than the reflection of the sun in his aviator sunglasses.

    "No way!" I protested jokingly. "You're all mine."

    I reached over and grabbed his arm, careful not to yank it too hard while he was driving. With all my ten fingers I could feel his large bicep, flexing as he held the wheel.

    "All mine," I thought.

    The first thing we did when we got to his house (other than me criticizing the tacky Thanksgiving decorations) was jump in his bed together and… have sex again. Now that we'd done it once, it felt much less taboo, yet just as exciting. Dad fucked me for an hour, telling me how much he missed me, before cumming inside my ass again and passing out with his arms around me. At first I couldn't sleep so I just lay there and smiled. After a while I started to doze off, feeling warm and content.

    By the time we woke up from our nap, it was already dark outside. The room was getting chilly and Dad pulled up the blanket over our naked bodies. I was hungry, and I was certain he was too; but we were just too cozy to get up.

    "So, everything's fine in Boston?" Dad asked when he noticed I was awake. He reached over and pulled a strand of hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear, resting his hand gently on my neck.

    "Yeah," I answered quietly. Our faces were so close, there was no need to shout. "School's fine, the people are nice. I've been to see Mom a few times, it's just a couple hours away."

    "How is Danica?" Dad asked about my mom, his old high school sweetheart.

    My fingers found their way to his chest and I started drawing imaginary circles on it. It was smooth with just a bit of a stubble growing back since he'd shaved it. It felt nice.

    "She's okay. Busy. Work, husband, kids, blah blah."

    "Did she ask about… me at all?"

    "She did. When I first got back, she wanted to know how it went, meeting you and everything."

    "And what did you tell her?"

    "The truth. It went much better than I ever could've imagined."

    Dad smiled, and I smiled back.

    "I'm assuming you left some details out," he said.

    "Nope. I told her: 'Mom, I just had to know what attracted you to Dad, so I let him fuck me as well.'"

    "Ha-ha," Dad said sarcastically, knowing I was kidding. "But for real. Have you told anyone?"

    "Just my friend Lamar," I answered.

    "Sam… We need to be careful. You can't tell people. You never know what might happen and how it might come to bite you in the ass –"

    "Dad, it's fine," I interrupted. "I trust Lamar. Only one biting my ass will be you."

    He smiled again.

    "I was gonna suggest," he continued, "if you want, you can talk to a therapist. Not that there's anything wrong with you," he added quickly, "just, if you wanted to talk about us, maybe a confidential setting would be more… helpful, I don't know."

    "Dad, I'm fine," I tried to reassure him. "I'm not like, messed up or anything. I'm not walking around going, 'Oh my god, I had sex with my father,' and obsessing over it or whatever. I go to class, I do my homework, I hang out with friends… Normal shit."

    Dad's hand moved up to my hair and started stroking it gently. He broke eye contact and his eyes wandered for a second, before coming back and changing the subject.

    "So who's the guy you blew on the plane?" he grinned.

    "The guy sitting next to me on the flight here from Chicago," I replied. "His husband stayed in his seat while we did it in the bathroom."

    "You naughty, naughty boy," Dad started tickling me.

    "I'm sure the apple don't fall far from the three," I squirmed and tried to defend myself. For a couple of minutes we wrestled playfully, kicking the blanket off and getting heated again. Our dicks and balls swung around as we both laughed. When we were both out of breath, he lay back down.
   "Dad," I said slowly, "do you mind?"

    He furrowed his brow in confusion, as if to say "Huh?"

    "That I sucked that guy off," I said. "Would you like it to be… just us? Like, should I not hook up with other guys?"

    A moment of silence followed. Dad looked me straight in the eyes, and I could swear I noticed his jaw start to quiver.

    "Sam… I love you very much."

    He pulled me into an embrace, and that was all the answer that I needed.

    "Dad, I love you too," I said with a muffled voice, "but can we please get something to eat now?"



    "Dad, where are we going?"

    "You'll see."

    "I thought we were going to the beach? Why're we driving for so long?"

    "We're going to a beach," I specified.

    "Oh my god, are we going to Mexico?" my son asked, noticing we'd been driving south.

    "Not quite," I smiled.

    Half an hour later, I was parking the car, and we were walking down some cliffs to get to Black's Beach. 

    "This is a gay nudist beach," I explained to Sam. "It can get very busy, but it ain't that warm anymore, and people are with their families for Thanksgiving."

    "You're with family as well," my son took my hand, as we descended down the rocks.

    "Yes. Yes, I am," I brought his hand up to my lips and gave it a kiss.

    We got down to the beach, nearly empty except for a handful of people scattered here and there. Sam had insisted that he'd had enough "traditional Thanksgivings" and he wanted to do something different while he was here. This was the first thing that popped to my mind.

    It was a couple of hours past noon, and the weather was just warm enough to get naked. We set our towels down and started to take off our clothes. As my son undressed, I observed his body. You could definitely count to six on his abs now. His flat chest was slowly developing into a nice pair of pecs. As he took his pants off, I noticed his thighs had gone from skinny to curvy as well. And his ass… fuck, his ass was amazing. It could definitely give me a run for my money.
    "Like what you see?" Sam caught me looking and flexed his glutes, sticking his tongue out at me.

    "Son, you've done some amazing progress," I complimented him with honesty. "It's been what, half a year since you started? It's amazing to get so far in such a short time, even at your age."

    "Thanks, Dad," he said, turning around and posing for me from all angles, fully nude. "It's all thanks to you. I've been taking the supplements you recommended, and following your plan to the T."

    "I'm impressed," I said, pulling my shorts down.

    "I'm impressed as well," my son said cheekily as my long dick flopped out, looking down at my crotch and grinning.

    He took a step forward and started kissing me. I felt his right hand slip down to my cock and balls and cup them at the same time as his tongue went in my mouth. Within a split second, I was getting hard in my own son's hand.

    "Let's lie down," I suggested, even though there were only a couple of people within sight.

    "Since when have you become modest?" Sam asked, lying on his back on one of the towels.

    "Who says I'm being modest?" I grinned and climbed on top of him, straddling him and sitting in his lap.

    I leaned down and started kissing my boy, as his fingertips gently slid down my back, all the way to my asscheeks. My own hands were exploring his arms, and the impressive muscles he'd put on there. With my eyes closed, I could feel his scent. He felt just like most of my boyfriends: young, muscular, and beautiful.

    Our tongues continued to brush against each other, as did our dicks. We were both hard by this point, but so caught up in our passionate kiss that we weren't even paying attention to what was happening down below.

    After about ten minutes of making out, we finally stopped for a breather. I lifted my torso up and noticed the only people close to us, a gay couple in their 30s, were looking at us. From what I could tell, they were smiling.

    "I'd be smiling as well," I thought. I could only imagine what Sam and I looked like. Both of us in such good shape. Both of us so passionate for each other. Both of us identical, like father like son… because that's exactly what we were.

    I quickly bent back down and continued to kiss Sam, only this time I reached down and started stroking both of our dicks, doing my best to hold them in one hand, as they oozed precum all over each other.

    "We have an audience," my son noticed the couple looking at us. His head was turned to the side because I'd started kissing his neck; a sensitive spot for him that made him moan.

    "Do you mind being watched?" I asked

    "No, I don't. As if I could mind being seen with you."

    We continued to kiss on the lips; my son sucking on my tongue fervently, before I nibbled on his lower lip. Then, I started going down, kissing his torso inch by inch, until I had his dick in my face, pulsing eagerly.

    I turned to the side quickly and noticed the couple was still looking. From what I could tell, it looked like they were jerking off. I smiled and put my son's dick in my mouth, turned on by the fact we were doing something so forbidden right in front of other people, who were turned on by it without even having a clue.

    As I blew my son, the wind blew harder. The ocean started to rage, as if it could feel our passion. The palm trees in the distance swayed like cheerleaders cheering us on.

    "Fuck! Suck my dick, Dad. Suck my dick," my son moaned loud enough to be heard over the sound of the waves crashing. His fingers combed through my hair. I hadn't missed the fact that since he'd gotten a haircut, his hair was now just like mine. He obviously wanted to be just like his daddy.

    I sucked his cock and swallowed all the precum I could extract from it. I remembered the first time I'd gotten a blowjob by a man. I'd been Sam's exact age, living in New York. In the back of a car, by a man old enough to be my father. Fuck! My son and I had so much in common.

    I let Sam's dick slide out of my mouth only when absolutely necessary, to catch my breath. In the meanwhile, I jerked him off and played with his smooth balls, and watched him squirm with pleasure, obviously close to the edge.

    I jerked him off faster as he yelled "Fuck, Dad! Fuck!" His whole body spasmed. I gripped his dick tighter, feeling it pulse in my hand.

    As fun as it was to watch him while this happened, I wanted to have him cum in my mouth. I lowered my head and took his cock back in my mouth, swallowing every last millimeter until it was hitting the back of my throat.

    "Fuuuuuck," Sam shook more than ever.

    I could feel it coming. I could almost taste his load before it even shot out. It would be my first time tasting my son's cum. I wondered how many fathers in the world could ever say that.


    He grunted one last time and gripped my hair, pushing my head down, burying my nose in his pubes, shooting his load all down my throat. I swallowed, one spurt, after another, after another. I couldn't breathe but what I was doing felt even more important than breathing. I waited until Sam was finished unloading, swallowing every last drop of his jizz, jerking myself off and shooting my own load all over the sand simultaneously. 

    "Shit," Sam panted, out of breath. "That felt amazing, Dad."

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