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CUMpetition, Pt. I


    "Fuck, I need to go to the bathroom," I said just as the seatbelt light flashed on. I buckled up as loosely as possible, rubbing my stomach. 

    "You alright, honey?" asked my dad David, who was sitting on my right. A flight attendant was making rounds, checking everyone's seatbelts.

    "I'm okay. Just a bit of an upset stomach."

    "You seemed okay this morning," my husband Will said from my left. A couple of hours earlier, he and a bellboy fucked me in our hotel room right before we checked out. I could still feel their loads soaking inside my guts.

    As fun and exciting as traveling was, there was something about returning home that always provided a sense of relief. The past few months in particular were heavy on the air miles: first to Hawaii for Will's and my wedding and honeymoon, and then to Australia where my dad Sven had a work conference that he decided to bring the entire family to. So here we were, on a plane in Sydney about to take us back to the States. My family took up almost an entire row of seats. I was here with my husband and my two dads, as well as their young boyfriend Brady.

    The plane took off and I waited patiently until I could go to the restroom. A few minutes later, I was squeezing my way back into my seat between my father and my husband.

    "Phew, much better," I said. "Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to your kids," I said to my husband as I gave him a kiss.

    "What?" my dad David asked, confused.

    "His cum," I laughed and filled him in. "I'm talking about cumloads, Dad."

    "You're nasty," my father faked outrage, but I didn't miss the smirk on his face.

    "Well there's plenty where that came from," Will flirted and gave me another kiss, placing my hand on his bulge for a quick squeeze.

    "Good to see that marriage isn't putting a cramp in your sex life," my dad said to the two of us.

    "Are you kidding me?" Will laughed. "We're going stronger than ever!"

    "Besides, you and Dad have been married all these years, not like it ever slowed YOU down," I said to David, who smiled proudly.

    "Although, it has been a challenge keeping up with all the other guys you son here is regularly getting fucked by," my husband said to my dad. Will and I were never exclusive, and we weren't about to stop having fun with others now just because we were married.

    "Has he been fucking around?" Dad asked Will while making eye contact with me.

    "More than ever," my husband replied. "How many guys fucked you in Sydney, babe?"

    "Twelve, I think."

    "Twelve Australian hunks, huh?" Dad said.

    "Well, most of them were Australian. There was also that guy from LA, Greg." 

    "Did they all cum inside you?" my father said coolly, as if it were the most normal thing in the world for a parent to ask their child that.

    "Yup, they did," I answered proudly. 

    "My little cumdump," my husband said affectionately in a cutesy voice and gave me another kiss.

    "I mean, I took fifteen, but who's counting," my father said smugly, a shit-eating grin on his face.

    "What's that?!" I laughed loudly.

    "I said, I beat you, but whatever," David continued to smirk.

    "Oh, it's on! Once we get home, it's a contest. A CUMpetition, if you will. Who can take more loads in the next... um, let's say, two months."

    "So you think you can beat your old man, huh? I raised you, boy. I know every trick in the book."

    "Well, we'll just see who has more tricks, then."

    "Wait, so what're the rules?" Will asked, amused by our father-son rivalry.

    "It only counts if you take their load inside your ass," I said. "And you can't count the same guy more than once. Will, Sven, and Brady don't count in the final tally. Everyone else is fair game."

    "Okay, deal," David said and offered me his hand. 

    "May the best cumdump win," I said cockily and shook Dad's hand.

    "You'll eat my dust, kid."



    After we got back from Sydney, my husband had to work late most nights while their company went ahead with the changes decided at the conference. Which left me alone with "the kids," who fully took advantage of that and tried to drag me to whatever party they wanted to go to.

    "C'mon, it'll be fun!" Brady nagged at me on our first Friday night back. Now that he was a sophomore, he'd moved out of the dorms and into our apartment. I loved having him around, even if he didn't understand that his energy levels at 19 and mine at 53 were completely different.

    "Brady, honey, I told you you're free to go. But it's a loft party thrown by somebody you know from school. Everyone there's gonna be under 20. So unless you need me to buy the liquor for you, there's no reason for me to be there."

    "The reason is you're my daddy and I want you there," Brady flirted with me, sitting on my lap in our living room. My son and his husband were also there; we were all having a drink after dinner. 

    "Besides," Brady continued, "it's not just 'somebody I know from school.' It's Sam, my old roommate. You met him in San Francisco this summer. I'm sure he'd love to see you again."

    "Yeah, Dad. And not everyone's gonna be under 20," my son Eric chimed in. "Will and I are going as well. As is Cousin Nate."

    "Nathanael's going?" I asked, surprised. I hadn't had a chance to see my nephew since coming back from Australia, even though he still lived right around the corner. He had recently enrolled in the police academy and was much busier now. Tonight might be a good chance to catch up with him.

    "Okay, okay," I succumbed. "I'll come. But only because y'all need a sober driver."

    A short while later, my nephew came over to our apartment and the boys all had one final drink before we headed out. Sam's new loft in the South End wasn't too far away. It wasn't anything luxurious, but it was definitely more than most college students could afford. I knew Sam's father Ben was quite well-off, and I assumed that was also the case with the parents of the two roommates Sam was now living with.

    We said our hellos (I was right: I was by far the oldest person here) and we headed straight to the balcony where the boys could smoke. My son pulled out some weed and everyone helped themselves, except for my nephew and me.

    "It's good to see you," I said to Nate, patting him on his broad back. He and I took a few steps away from everyone so we could talk more easily. 

    "Nice to see you too, Uncle Dave," he smiled. After being estranged from my nieces and nephews my whole life, it melted my heart to hear someone call me that.

    We spent the next ten minutes or so talking about the trip to Australia, after which Nate said he had some news for me.

    "I... I talked to my mom," he said somberly as we looked out at the city skyline. "I told them I'm in Boston and that I'm doing okay, and that I've enrolled into the academy."

    "That's good," I nodded.

    "I drove down to Connecticut as well. To see them. And to pick up some stuff."

    The downside to having Nathan around was that he reminded me of my birth family, who was so close yet so far away. Trying not to get too emotional, I said, "Well, that's nice. If you need more room to store any of your stuff... I know the apartment you're renting is quite small, so if you need to you can leave some of it with us."

    "Thanks. I'll be okay, I didn't bring a lot. Just some boxes. They were clearing out the house so I got some of it."

    I could tell there was more my nephew wanted to tell me, so I waited patiently until he continued.

    "It's stuff that... belonged to my mom's grandpa. To your Grandpa Nate. I told them since I'm named after him, I thought I should have it and they agreed."

    I bit my lip and looked out into the distance.

    "I... I know you two were very close when you were growing up," my nephew continued. 

    "We were," I finally spoke, trying to control my voice. "He was the one who chose the name David for me, did I ever tell you that?"

    "No. No, you didn't," Nathan smiled at me as we made eye contact. "So I figured you can have his old stuff. If you want it. Maybe... it'll bring back some memories."

    "That... That's one of the kindest things anyone's ever done for me."

    I leaned in and gave my nephew a big, strong hug that lasted for a good thirty seconds. Just as I was about to start tearing up, we were interrupted by our host Sam.

    "Nate, I'm so glad you came!! David, you too!"

    Sam seemed bubbly and cheerful and probably a little drunk. It was completely incompatible with the moment Nate and I were having, but I didn't blame him for it. This wasn't the time and the place to get too mushy anyway. I chatted to Sam about the summer he spent in San Francisco with his dad and the internship he did there. After a while, I excused myself and left the two young men to talk to each other while I went to check in on my son.

    "Dad! You sure you don't want a puff?" Eric offered me the blunt he was holding.

    "Not tonight, honey."

    "Will and I were just talking how much this reminds us of the party where he and I met."

    "Oh, does it?"

    "Yeah," my new son-in-law Will answered my question. "Back in college, there was this girl Nevaeh who had her own loft and always threw these huge parties. That's how Eric and I met."

    The newlyweds kissed, and I smiled as I watched them make out right in front of me. Feeling neglected, Brady came over and we started kissing as well.

    "Seems like THOSE two are getting to know each other quite well," Brady said a short while later, pointing at Nathan and Sam who were still talking to each other. "You know Sam insisted I invite Nate over tonight?"

    "He did?" I asked.

    "Yup. I wonder if there's anything happening between them."

    I watched my nephew and Sam – who were both smiling ear to ear – as they talked for a few seconds, until someone else distracted my attention. It was a boy with the face of a high school kid and the body of a professional football player. And he was looking at me as well.

    "Brady, who's that?" I asked, discreetly pointing at the boy.

    "Who, Junior?"

    "His name's Junior?!"

    "Well his name's Foster, but that's also his dad's name so everyone still calls him Junior. He's one of Sam's new roommates now. Why?"

    "I just... have the weirdest feeling that I've seen him before," I said as Junior and I made eye contact and he smiled. "How old is he?"

    "Well he goes to school with us, so 18 or 19 I guess. Why?"

    "Just checking," I said flirtily.

    "Well check again, 'cause he's also straight. Has a football scholarship, of course," Brady rolled his eyes.

    "I think I'm gonna go say hi," I said. Junior and I were still making eye contact and I remembered the CUMpetition I was in with my son. The past few days I'd been too busy to seek out new cum donors, but maybe Brady was wrong about Junior and he'd be willing to make a deposit.

    "Hi. You live in this apartment, don't you? I'm David," I said to the handsome college kid. He and I talked for a while, until I asked, "You know, you look VERY familiar for some reason. Have we ever met?"

    "Not that I remember," Junior smiled. "Are you from Boston? I've lived here all my life so maybe we've bumped into each other somewhere."

    "No. I grew up in Connecticut. Then I moved around a whole bunch, and I just ended up in Boston last year."

    After chatting for a few minutes I told the boy, "I need to go take a piss, Junior. Where's the bathroom?"

    "I'll show you the way, man," he said casually and guided me in. When I was done, I was surprised to see Junior was still standing in front of the bathroom door. "Hey listen, can I ask you something?" he said.

    "Sure," I replied, feeling curious.

    "It's kinda awkward, though."

    "My favorite kind of questions. Is there anywhere quieter we can talk?" I asked, and Junior guided me to his bedroom. Now THIS was interesting.

    "Listen," he said, "I know this is weird, but I couldn't help but notice... you have a REALLY nice ass, man. 

    I laughed out loud and beamed with pride simultaneously. "Thank you."

    "Looking at you, it's obvious you work out. And I do too," he pointed out needlessly; his muscles were prominent even through the winter clothes he was wearing. "But when it comes to my ass and my thighs, I can never really get them..." He held his hands out like he was holding two melons. "So I was just wondering if you have any tips."

    I laughed and told the boy a couple of my favorite exercises to do at the gym. "Besides," I said next, "it also helps to wear the right kind of jeans and underwear."

    "Oh, yeah? What kind is that?"

    I grinned, and while loud music played from the other room, I unbuckled my belt. 

    "I love these," I said, showing off my ass in the black briefs I was wearing to Junior. I was sticking it out as much as I could for added effect, which definitely seemed to get the college kid's attention.

    "Yeah, they're great, man. But I'm sure it's about the work you put in. It's not just the underwear. I bet you look great without it as well."

    Okay, that settles it! So far, this kid had been sending me mixed signals, calling me "man" and acting all buddy-buddy with me. But his latest compliment made it clear what he really wanted to see. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my briefs behind my back, and slowly pulled them down. The underwear was too tight to go down my large ass without some wiggling. 

    "Fuck! That's nice," Junior almost salivated staring at my cheeks. Finally, all pretense was off.

    "It tastes good as well," I said, climbing on his bed on my knees and poking my ass out in Junior's direction. I turned my head around to see him lick his plump lips and then go down on his knees next to the bed. Two seconds later, I felt his teenage tongue against my hole. 

    "Mmm, that's right," I moaned, arching my back and reaching out with my right hand to grab hold of the boy's head. When I felt my fingers combing through his hair, I pushed his face forward and felt his tongue even deeper inside my hole.

    Frankly, Junior wasn't the best rimmer I've ever known, but his enthusiasm made up for it. He was young, after all; for all I knew this might be his first time rimming someone. Shit, it might be his first time in general.

    "Have you fucked before?" I asked in between moans of pleasure.

    "Yes. A ton of girls. And... a few men."

    I chuckled, noting the fact he used the word "men" instead of "guys" or "boys."

    The rim-job continued for 10 or 15 minutes. Just as I started to wonder if anyone missed me at the party, the door to Junior's room bust open.

    "Hey. You're here," I heard my son's voice say. I turned around to see Eric standing behind Junior, getting a prime view of my ass from just a few feet away. 

    Immediately, Junior stopped what he was doing, feeling startled or panicked.

    "It's okay," I reassured my new hookup buddy. "He's cool. Actually... I want him to watch."

    My son was so convinced he would beat me in this CUMpetition. As far as I knew, we were both currently at zero, but that wouldn't be the case much longer. "Let him watch as his father takes the lead," I thought, which brought a smirk to my face.

    Junior's door didn't lock. Eric closed it and leaned against it from the inside. "I'll make sure no one interrupts," my son said. Junior hesitated for a second, but he didn't seem to mind Eric's presence.

    "Thanks, man," he said to my son. When I looked back next, I was treated to the sight of Junior's dick being pulled out of his pants. He may have a baby face, but that was a man's cock through and through!

    "Stick it in me," I demanded. The college kid reached to his nightstand and pulled out some cheap, convenience-store lube. He slathered it on his hard cock, and placed it next to my ass.

    "You ready?" he asked, and after getting a nod from me he pushed his dick inside of me, right in front of my son's curious eyes.

    "Fuck!" Eric, Junior, and I all cussed at the same time. Even with his pants on, I could see Eric's boner growing as Junior started to fuck me. 

    "Damn, your hole feels nice," my fucker told me, thrusting faster and faster. In typical college-boy fashion, he might not make it for longer than a few minutes but that didn't matter to me. What I was after more than anything was his load.

    "Fuck me and cum inside of me," I grunted to Junior, all the while looking my son dead in his eyes. When he heard me say that, Eric reached down between his legs and started squeezing his crotch. From what I could tell, he was fully hard by now and enjoying the show.

    Junior lasted longer than I anticipated. He fucked me for ten minutes before climbing on the bed and then fucking me some more. I closed my eyes for a while, enjoying his teenage cock thrusting back and forth inside of my asshole, hitting my sweet spot and making my whole body weak. When I opened my eyes next, I saw Eric's cock was now out of his pants. My son was jacking off while watching the show from only a few feet away.

    "Fucking breed me. Fucking breed me in front of him," I asked of Junior. Once again, I was looking my son dead in the eyes while I said that. Eric licked his lips before curling them in a grin, all the while jerking himself off.

    "You want my load inside of you?" Junior asked.

    "Yes. Don't you dare fucking pull out. Fuck it inside of me!"

    Hearing that made the fucker go even faster. I could feel how close to the edge he was. Along with Junior's thrusts, my son's hand movement sped up as well, up and down on his own cock. I could see his face start to grimace. Eric was close to the edge as well.

    "Fucking cum for me. Fucking cum inside of me!" I grunted. A second later, I saw my son start to shoot his load all over the carpet just as Junior's cum coated my insides. "Fuck yeah!" I moaned, pulsing my sphincter and draining every last drop of cum out of the college kid's cock.

    Everyone's movements slowed down. 

    "Fuck, man. There's so much cum," I heard Junior say as he started to pull out of me. "It's spilling out."

    I tried to keep the boy's load inside of me, but there was so much of it that I could feel some of it dripping down my ass and reaching my balls. Still, he came inside of me. I'd scored a point.

    "Good job, Dad," Eric congratulated me loudly as he shook the last drops of jizz off his still-hard dick and then tucked it back in his pants.

    "Wait, WHAT?!" Junior said in complete shock. I got up and carefully pulled up my briefs and jeans, so I wouldn't let any more of his cum drip out of my hole. When I looked at the boy's face, he looked absolutely flabbergasted.

    "Oh yeah, did I not mention? He's my son," I smiled. 


October 1938

New Haven, Connecticut



    Even though it was my first year at Yale, the party I walked into felt like a family reunion. I recognized at least half of the boys in this house. All of our lives, our families were intertwined in an almost incestuous way. I couldn't get away from them even if I tried.

    Although I wanted to make new friends and acquaintances, it was so much easier to talk to people one already knew. So I stuck to my usual clique of five or six, occasionally looking around the room. Which is when I spotted him.

    He looked different than everyone else in the room. He was the only man not speaking to anyone, even though his eyes looked like he had more to say than everyone else put together. Although I couldn't recognize the design, the suit he was wearing fit him better than anyone else's. And maybe most obvious, he was the only dark-skinned person in the room. And for all I knew, in all of Yale. 

    "Does anyone know him?" I asked my group of friends. Almost all of them said they had "spotted him" before, but nobody knew his name. A few minutes later, the stranger made his way to the balcony and I followed him there.

    "Mind if I have one?" I asked when I saw him lighting up. I had an almost-full pack of cigarettes in my breast pocket, but I didn't want him to know that.

    "I'm Nathanael," I said after my first inhale and offered him my hand.

    "Hello, Nathanael. My name is David."

to be continued...


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