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Father-Son Striptease


    Those four months after David and I had started to have sex were the happiest of my life. We did it almost every day, and I never knew I could feel so fulfilled. And then came spring break.

    After a week apart, David couldn't wait to fall back into my arms, in my little room where we hid from the world. But this time, I had bad news for him.

    "Claire and I are engaged," I said with no joy in my voice.


    "Her parents set an ultimatum. We can get married after I graduate, but we need to get engaged now. So my parents, they... made me propose."

    "Nobody made you do anything, Nathanael Hill. You decided to do it!"

    David stormed out of my room. We would only make love one final time after that. 



    Precisely a week after the new year started, David's birthday fell on a Thursday. Both Eric and Sven had to work, but my office was more flexible about taking days off sometimes, so I decided to surprise my father-in-law and keep him company on his special day.

    "Good morning. Hope you're hungry for breakfast in bed," I smiled as I walked into David's bedroom with a tray of food. With Eric and Sven at work and Brady already back in school, the two of us were alone in the apartment.

    "Thank you, honey," David said as he sat up and propped himself against the headboard. His shirtless torso looked amazing, especially for a man that was turning 54 today.

    "You know," I said as I lay down next to him, helping myself to a strawberry off his tray, "do you remember the first day I came to live with you and Sven?"

    "I think I do, why?"

    "I remember, it was barely even half an hour since we all came into the house and Eric and I went upstairs. I was fucking him in his childhood bed when you walked in on us. And instead of leaving awkwardly, you just stood there and asked us to hurry up before dinner gets cold. WHILE my cock was literally up your son's ass."

    "Haha. Yeah, I remember that," he said, taking a sip of orange juice spiked with some prosecco.

    "I should've known then that you guys were different. And I did. Just not... how different," I laughed. "I didn't think you'd be having a 'who can take more loads' competition with your son?"

    "And how do you feel about all that?" my father-in-law asked me.

    "The CUMpetition? I'm fine. I love seeing Eric all competitive like. He's all excited to be in the lead, since you only took three loads on New Year's Eve. Besides, he loves having me fuck him after he's had a stranger dump a load up his ass. He's turning into quite a pig, that son of yours," I winked at David. "Guess he takes after you."

    "That he does," he agreed. "After Sven and me both."

    "Can I ask you something?" I said a bit more earnestly. "I hope it's not out of line. But do you and Sven really not know who his biological father is?"

    David pointed to his desk, while chewing his food. Then, he said, "Nope. The answer is in an envelope in one of those drawers. But at this point I doubt we'll ever open it unless we absolutely have to."

    I pondered that for a minute, wondering if I'd be able to resist the temptation to know, if I were in Eric's shoes. Then, without thinking too much about it, I cuddled up even closer to David and put my hand on his hairy chest. 

    "I love you, Dad," I said.

    "Love you too, baby," he replied, and after a few more bites of food he asked, "Will, when's the last time you heard from your father?"

    I was surprised to hear this, even though it was a perfectly reasonable question. I wasn't used to talking about my family in front of David and Sven. It's funny: we were all close enough to fuck, but I still felt awkward talking about this.

    "When we moved to Boston," I said. "He texted to ask how the move went."

    "That's... almost two years now."

    "Yeah, I guess," I drew circles on David's chest with my finger.

    "And you didn't hear from him before the wedding?"

    "No. But he's got three other kids, and they're all younger than me so he's busy with them –"

    "Will, honey," he interrupted. "You don't have to make excuses for him."

    He pulled me in tighter with his arm. 

    "Do you have a picture of him?" David asked.

    "Sure, some old ones," I said and reached for my phone. I had to scroll through it for a couple of minutes before finding a photo of my dad.

    "He looks... handsome," David nodded.

    "He looks just like you and Sven."

    This was only true insofar as my father was also blond and blue-eyed, and had a similar complexion. Other than that, he had a much more average dad bod than my fathers-in-law. "Do you think... I've been treating you two as a replacement for him?" I asked.

    "Come here, honey," David put the tray down on the floor, and leaned in to hug me with both arms. "I don't think you're doing anything surprising or wrong. And you know we love to have you here. Been that way since day one."

    I smiled, and drifted back to sleep on David's chest, where I spent the rest of the morning.

    That afternoon, the two of us decided to have lunch at a small restaurant that was right downstairs. Shortly after we walked in, I noticed a couple of familiar faces.

    "Foster, Angelo! Hey," I greeted our neighbors from across the street. They were sitting at a table with a teenage boy who also looked familiar, but it took me a few seconds to place him. "You're..."

    "Junior. Hey, nice to see you," the boy shook my hand. He was our friend Sam's roommate, whose housewarming party we'd gone to a few weeks ago. And shit! He must also be Foster's son! The one Eric told me about. The father-son duo my husband got fucked by.

    The three men invited us to join them at their table. Introductions were made, since David had never met our neighbors yet. He knew Junior very well, though, seeing as he got fucked by him at the housewarming.

    When I let everyone know that it was David's birthday, he quickly became the center of attention. I mostly chatted with Junior, who had the day off school and had decided to spend it with his father and step-dad.

    After lunch, those of us old enough to drink ordered a bottle of wine. By the time we were done with it, Foster was inviting us over for a second drink at their apartment. Since we could easily just order a second bottle here at the restaurant, I had a feeling Foster was suggesting doing something... more, upstairs.

    "You know I'm Eric's husband, right?" I said to Junior as we all headed out of the restaurant. "He told me about what happened with you guys."

    "Yeah," Junior seemed a bit embarrassed. He was a big football player, so it was funny to see him blush and look down at the ground. "You got a hot husband. And... you're not too bad yourself," he flirted, regaining his confidence.

    When we got up to the apartment, there was no mention of a second drink. We started making out immediately. I was kissing Junior, while David made out with Junior's father and his step-dad. I was certain David was looking to add two more loads to his tally on his birthday. 

    The married couple showed us all the way to their bedroom. Their bed was large, but we would still need to squeeze in if all five of us were to get on.

    "Hold on," I said to Junior, "I wanna watch you and your dad get naked side-by-side."

    Foster and Junior eyed each other mischievously, then agreed to grant me my request. They stood next to each other in the narrow space between the bed and one of the walls. They were both wearing sweatshirts and jeans, and looked at each other one last time before they started stripping, as if to say "Let's do this!"

    From what I could piece together about these two, Junior was never raised quite as liberally as Eric. Indeed, it wasn't until Eric got the two to get naked in front of each other and then fuck him, that they ever did anything quite as "outrageous" together. But now that they've crossed that bridge, I knew there was no going back.

    Foster was the first to start lifting his shirt up, with his son following his example. The rest of us sat on the bed, and Angelo quickly put on some sexy music, that led to the father and son doing a real sexy (and slightly cheesy) striptease. After they took their shirts off, they slowly lowered their jeans as we cheered them on. Junior was wearing a pair of nice briefs, while his father was rocking a black jockstrap underneath.

    "You should ask your dad to lend you some of his underwear. It would look great on you," David said, and then reached for his wallet and jokingly stuffed a few singles in the two men's underwear as they continued to strip. They kicked their shoes and pants off, and were now grinding against each other, much to the pleasure of their audience of three.

    "Woo!" we egged them on with cheers and wolf-whistles. The attention was starting to go to their heads (all four of them!) because their bulges grew larger, and the father and son started to run their hands all over each other's naked torsos. They teased each other's nipples, as we shouted "Go lower!"

    Foster Sr. was clearly the bigger daredevil of the two. Faking a shocked face, he put his hand on his son's bulge and gave it a squeeze and a wag. When he let go, Junior's bulge seemed even bigger.

    Next, Foster turned around and poked out his bare ass. His son decided to have some hands-on fun as well, and he slapped his father's butt, before squeezing it with both hands and starting to knead it right in our faces. As we cheered on, he spread Foster's cheeks open until we could see his father's slightly hairy asshole. 

    "Show us your cocks!" David, the birthday boy, demanded.

    The two men put their bulges in his face and waved them around left-to-right a few times. Then, Foster got behind Junior and hooked his own fingers in the waistband of his son's underwear, right in the front where Junior's pubic hair was. The dad then slowly and seductively pulled the briefs down, until we could see the base of his son's cock, and then more and more of his shaft.

    "Yes, baby!" Angelo cheered them on. I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying this new side of his husband and step-son. As for me, I felt like I was right back in Vegas for our crazy bachelor party.

    As Junior's briefs continued to slide down, his cock got harder and harder. When it was time to pull the underwear off completely, Foster had to pull really hard, because his son was now fully erect and holding the briefs up with his cock like a hook. When Foster pulled them down, Junior's hard dick finally sprung out, almost hitting David in the face. 

    Then, the father and son switched positions. When he moved to the front, I saw that Foster was already fully hard (sliding the briefs down his son's body must've had that effect on him). Junior rubbed his dad's cock a couple of times through the fabric of the jockstrap, before pulling the small piece of underwear down and revealing his father's erection.

    "Fuck!" David swore and took Foster's cock in his mouth in one swift move, like a ravenous animal. Right next to them, I took Junior's dick in my mouth, turned on by the idea of hooking up with yet another son in front of his two dads.

    On the bed, Angelo took his clothes off before moving on to David and undressing him. Soon, David got on all fours on the bed, his mouth still on Foster's cock. Angelo moved around the bed and got behind David, and then started to rim him.

    "Fuck yeah," I heard Junior sigh. I wasn't sure if it was in reference to the blowjob I was giving him or the scene that was playing on the bed, but either way I kept going. I tugged on his balls and swallowed the precum he was leaking in my mouth, while taking my own clothes off as well.

    Soon, we were all stark naked, and I got on all fours on the bed, pushing my bare ass against Junior's cock. Meanwhile, David was telling Foster, "When you're ready to cum, I want you to cum inside my ass."

    "Your family just loves taking loads up the ass," Foster chuckled. 

    "We sure do," David replied and continued to feast on the hung man's cock. Angelo rimmed David for a few more moments, before finally shoving his cock up David's ass just as Junior started to penetrate me as well.

    "FUCK YEAH!" my father-in-law and I exclaimed simultaneously. 

    Side by side, David and I got fucked for a good while. Every now and then, I turned back to look at Foster and Junior, who stood side-by-side, and I admired how much they looked alike and how sexy they were. More than once, I noticed Junior glancing toward his dad, as if hoping to pick up a few tricks from his old man.

    Angelo was the first to cum, blowing his load inside David's ass. The sight of it brought his husband close to the edge, and Foster pulled out of David's mouth. He waited until Angelo had finished cumming, and then David flipped over, presenting his cummy ass to Foster next.

    "Race ya," I heard Foster say, and when I turned around I realized he was talking to his son. Now that they both had an ass to fuck, he was challenging his son to see who would cum first!

    "You're on!" Junior responded. It was clear he was an athlete, because his competitive spirit kicked in in .2 seconds. All of a sudden, he started to drill my ass even harder and faster, pushing me over the edge myself.

    "I'm cumming!" I announced to everyone and started to blow my load all over Foster and Angelo's sheets. As I came, my clenching sphincter must've done the trick for Junior, because a second or two later he started to moan out and cuss. Another moment later, and I could feel his cum filling up my insides.

    "Good job!" Foster said to his son, and when I turned around I saw that the dad proudly held his arm around his boy's shoulder. While that was happening, I could still feel Junior blowing his load inside me. 

    The proud daddy didn't have to wait long to cum. Another minute or so, and Foster let out a grunt that unmistakably announced his orgasm. David, who was about to receive another load, moaned out in pleasure. I looked at my husband's dad and I quickly reached for his dick. David made eye contact with me as if to say "thank you." In this position, I milked my father-in-law's cock to completion while he took Foster's cum inside his slutty hole as well.

    With everyone's climaxes subsiding, I leaned in and gave David a kiss. We made out for a few seconds, and when I looked at Foster and Junior again I noticed the two of them were hugging. It was a beautiful sight to behold; it was as if they'd just run a marathon together and were congratulating each other for their shared accomplishment. Looking down, I saw that their cocks were still partially hard, rubbing against their thighs. 

    "Happy birthday, Daddy," I said to David. It was a day on which all of us ended up getting a present. 

What happens with Foster and Junior? 

Read their backstory and see them

take things much further in "Junior"

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