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Daddy's Lunch Break


    January was always a crazy month at the office, and it had only become worse since moving to Boston. While my husband and my son collected loads from all over the city, I worked brutal 12-hours shifts, with no time to decompress other than my lunch break. I often used it to blow a load, either jerking off at my desk or doing it in the office bathrooms. Occasionally, I'd arrange for a quick blowjob or a fuck with someone nearby. But today, I had different lunch plans. 

    "Mr. Hillbecker, your son is here," my secretary, who announced all of my arrivals, said over the phone.

    "Thank you. Let him in," I replied, and waited for about half a minute until Eric was in my office. "Take a seat," I told him with untypical formality, pointing at the small settee in my office.

    "Sir, yes, Sir," my son made fun of my tone.

    "I'm sorry, honey, I'm just stressed. I still got some work to finish before we can leave."

    "Take your time," Eric said coolly, pulling out his phone and making himself comfortable. A couple of minutes later, I heard the unmistakable Grindr ping coming from his phone.

    "Cruising for loads?" I asked my son.

    "Yeah. There's this cute guy nearby. Says he's usually a bottom but he'd be willing to give me a load. At this point, I can use every one I can get."

    "Your father kicking your ass?" I smiled while typing on the computer, ignoring how weird it was to be talking about this with my child.

    "I think he is. We haven't exchanged scores lately, but I fear he's doing well. He works from home, so he can get fucked any time."

    "As if he wouldn't be doing that without a CUMpetiton," I chuckled.

    "Will and I went to The Falcon last night. I took a few loads there, but I'm not sure if it's enough to take the lead."

    The Falcon was a gay bar whose clientele mostly consisted of leather daddies and other fetish and kink aficionados, rather than the more typical, twinkier crowd at other gay bars. 

     "Yeah? Did you have fun?
   "I did," my son answered. "Hope you don't mind, I raided your closet. I wanted to wear a harness, so I borrowed one of yours. I had to fasten it a few buckles tighter than you usually do, but it fit me quite nicely."

    "You got a picture? Let me see."

    Eric got up and showed me a photo on his phone. On it, I recognized one of my black leather harnesses across my son's shirtless chest. He was standing by the bar at The Falcon, and the only other thing he had on was a pair of leather shorts, which were so short that I could see his Prince Albert hanging out one of the legs.

    "You look hot," I said truthfully, admiring both his body and his style. As he got older, our son seemed more and more interested in the fetish scene, and honestly, it turned me on that he borrowed some of my wardrobe to wear to places like that.

    "How many did you take?" I asked, taking one hand off the keyboard to adjust my bulge.

    "Just four," Eric said, still standing next to me. "First, this bear I've seen there a few times bred me in the bathroom. Then, there was this couple visiting from Austria. They reminded me of you, when they spoke to each other in German," my son winked at me, and my bulge got bigger. "They fucked me right at the bar. Then finally, when the bartender's shift was over, he dumped a load inside me as well."

    I was almost hard, listening to Eric brag about being a slut and a cumdump so casually. My own son...

    "I'm done here," I said, printing out the file I'd been working on. "Let me just send this over and we can go out for lunch."

    I picked up the phone and asked my secretary to send one of the interns over to pick up the printouts. A couple of minutes later, a young man entered my office, and my son let out a loud "Oh!"

    "You guys know each other?" I asked Eric.

    "This is the guy I've been messaging with on Grindr," my son replied.

    The intern, meanwhile, looked like a deer caught in headlights.

    "Don't worry about it, my dad's cool," Eric reassured him quickly. "He won't get you in trouble or anything."

    Slowly, the handsome boy, who looked even younger than Eric, started to smile.

    "So, you're his son? That's wild! I've seen you on Grindr as well, Mr. Hillbecker. I just never wanted to say anything."

    I noticed the young man lick his full lips as he looked down between my legs. My package was even larger than normal, since hearing about my son's recent sexcapades.

    "You should've just... said something," I said to the intern, dropping my hand between my legs and squeezing my junk. It was very obvious what I was suggesting.

    "You getting hard?" my son asked calmly. The intern's eyes widened to hear Eric say something like that to his own father, but I think this boy was getting the idea pretty quickly that my son and I weren't very "traditional."

    "Yeah," I replied. "I usually use my lunch breaks to blow a load."

    "We can take care of that for you," Eric said mischievously, looking left-to-right between the intern and me.

    "You serious?!" the intern said excitedly, and I could practically see stars in his eyes.

    Instead of answering verbally, my son dropped down to his knees next to my chair, and put his hand on my crotch.

    "Why don't you come join me here?" Eric invited the intern, who practically ran to my desk.

    My son had seen me getting a blowjob from one of my previous interns, back at my old office. This time, Eric seemed keen to participate rather than just watch.

    "You guys are fucking awesome," the intern said, putting his hand next to my son's on my bulge. I was quickly getting so hard that it was uncontainable. 

    The two young men massaged and teased my cock through my pants for a few moments. Eric was the first one to reach for my zipper and start pulling it down. The intern looked like he couldn't believe his luck as my son reached in and pulled out my almost-fully-hard cock. 

    "FUCK!" the boy swore, licking his lips as he got a closeup view of the precum glistening on my cockhead and my PA.

    "You want it?" Eric grinned and offered him my fat cock, as if sharing a toy with a friend of his.

    "Fuck yes!" 

    The boy dived in and took my dick in his mouth, all the while my son continued to hold it in his hand. At the same time, I had the intern sucking on the tip of my cock while Eric stroked the shaft up and down. 

    "Fuck, you guys are so hot," the intern said after blowing me for a while, at which point Eric said "Let me have some," and pulled my cock toward himself, taking it in his own mouth.

    "Fuck!" the intern narrated the situation. "Your son's really sucking your cock?!"
   "And it wouldn't be his first time either," I winked at him.

    The boy put his face right next to Eric's and carefully took my smooth ball sack in his mouth. Now, I had the intern sucking on my balls while my son was sucking my cock, flicking my piercing with his tongue and licking my piss slit.

    "Mmm!" I moaned, sitting back and starting to relax. This was JUST what I needed after a stressful work day. 

    Alas, the uninterrupted pleasure didn't last too long. My phone rang, and knowing that I couldn't ignore it, I picked up. It was my secretary calling to say that one of the managers was on his way in to ask me a quick question.

    I was usually very good at keeping my cool, no matter the situation. Yet in that moment, I couldn't help but panic! This particular manager had the tendency to let himself in without knocking. Quickly, I used my strong legs to push my son and the intern under my desk, which was luckily large enough and had a panel on the other side so nobody could see what was underneath.

    "Sven, hey!" my supervisor, who called me by my first name, burst into my office merely a second later. "I'm glad to catch you before lunch. Listen, are you able to take over Tiana's presentation next Tuesday? One of her kids is sick and she's not sure if she can make it."

    Meanwhile, while this happened, my fucking daredevil of a son CONTINUED to suck my dick under the desk. 

    "Uh, I – mmm – I'd need some time to prepare, but I – aah – I think I can make it by Tuesday," I replied, trying to stutter as little as possible.

    Usually, I was the one who thrived off risk. But this time, I wanted to kick Eric for doing something so crazy! This was serious fucking business! Yet, feeling his lips and tongue on my cock brought me closer and closer to the edge by the second.

    "Thank you, Sven. That would be really helpful. She's happy to work with you and help you out over the phone until then," my manager said.

    "D– Don't mention it," I replied, feeling my son's fingers stroking my shaft while he continued to suck on my cock.

    Why was my boss even in my office asking something like this?! This could've been a perfectly simple email. Yet, he seemed to have something else to say and he continued.

    "Listen, Sven, I know you've been putting in a lot of hours lately. I didn't want you to think it's gone unnoticed. You're one of our biggest assets here," – while he said that, Eric started to deep-throat me and I felt the tip of my cock hitting the back of my son's soft throat – "and we got excellent feedback on your work in Sydney as well. Next time we're going through the budget, you're one of the first people I'd like to put forward for a raise."

    "Th– Thank you," I said, almost shooting my load down Eric's throat as he continued to silently gobble up my cock.

    "I'll let you have your lunch. See you around," my manager finally said and turned around and left my office.

    "You absolute fucking asshole!" I said to my son, but he knew I meant it affectionately. He grinned at me from under my desk, and took my dick out of his mouth so he and the intern could share. The two of them kissed while simultaneously sucking on my cockhead. My son was definitely taking after me, I realized. Too much so, at times! Yet, which parent isn't proud to see themself in their child?

    "You're so fucking hot," I said, running my fingers through my son's hair as well as the intern's. Finally, I moaned, "I'm about to cum."

    "I want you to take it," the intern quickly said to Eric. "I wanna watch you swallow it."

    Eric grinned, accepting the dare. He jerked my shaft faster and faster, sticking his tongue out and readying himself to catch my cum.

    "That's so fucking hot! You're about to eat your father's cum. That's so fucking hot!" the young man narrated. It wasn't until now that I noticed that his cock was poking out of his fly and he was jerking himself off while watching my son take my daddy dick from just inches away. "Fucking swallow his load. Take every drop of it!"
   The boy's verbal encouragement helped push me over the edge. I shot a huge load, and Eric was ready to take every bit of it without letting a drop go to waste. He wrapped his lips back around my cockhead and swallowed as I shot load after load inside his mouth. My son's warm, cum-guzzling mouth...

    "Aaah!" the intern started to shoot his own load. He caught it in his hand so he wouldn't make a mess on the carpet, and continued to watch in awe as Eric swallowed his little siblings.

    "You motherfuckers are insane," the intern laughed out loud and brought his hand to his lips, licking his own cum off.

    "That was supposed to go inside my ass," Eric said, finally taking my sensitive cock out of his mouth.

    "Maybe I can still fuck you, after work. I live nearby," the boy suggested. "But under one condition."

    "What?" Eric asked, while tucking my thick cock inside my pants and zipping me up.

    "I want your dad to be there as well. And I want him to fuck you."

    Without even waiting for me to respond, my son, desperate for loads, said "Deal."



    That week, everything changed. There was no more Christmas spirit. No hope for a better new year. There was only war on the horizon.

    Four days ago, the attack on Pearl Harbor shocked the nation. Now, we were officially at war. For the first time since I'd told him about my engagement to Claire, David was back in my bedroom.

    "I've decided to enlist for the military," he announced. He was trying to sound stoic, but I could recognize the quiver in his voice.

    "What?! David, you can't! You've only a semester to go until graduation."

    "I'm not coming back next semester. I want to do this as soon as possible."

    "But why?! We might all get drafted soon anyway. Everyone's scared shitless. Why would you volunteer?"

    "I just... feel like it's the right thing to do," David remained calm, yet I couldn't help but break down in tears. 

    "David... I love you," I pleaded.

    "I love you too, Nathan. And I wish you the best in life. Hopefully one day, when this is all over, we'll see each other again."

    He sounded ready to leave, but I wouldn't let him. I stepped in and started kissing him, and he kissed me back just as passionately. Soon, our clothes were off and we were in my bed, making love for the last time.

    It was also the last time I would ever see David. 

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