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The Final Tally


    When my father Sven said he wanted to treat me to lunch, I didn't expect him to provide me with the appetizer himself. After swallowing Dad's cum at his office, we said goodbye to his intern (who gave us his address for later) and went to have a quick bite to eat. I had to rush back to my own office after that, where I felt dickstracted all afternoon, thinking about the fucking I was about to get.

    Finally, that evening, Dad and I showed up at the intern's apartment. It was Friday, and after a busy work week I could tell that my dad wouldn't mind going straight home, having a scotch, and relaxing, especially since he already got to cum just a few hours ago.

    "The things I do for you," Dad said while we waited at the door and he smacked my ass, which was about to receive its final load before the end of the CUMpetition.

    The young intern opened the door and invited us in eagerly. I could tell he lived with three or four other people, all of which happened to be out. The place had a proper fresh-out-of-college feel to it, and it made me think of when I was that age and had just moved back in with my two dads.

    Although I only graduated a few years ago, so much had happened since then that it felt like a lifetime ago. I was a married man now, and my husband, my dads, and I had traveled the world together, fucking around and having an excellent time together. Every day, I felt myself become a bit more like my fathers. Looking back, they never hid their affection for each other from me. Back then, I just thought that "my parents love each other"; now, I understood that they had a fucking intense sex life all along... a life that I was happy to reenact.

    As our latest fuck buddy guided us to his bedroom, I could feel how excited he was. This wasn't the first time someone had asked to watch Sven and me fuck; indeed, the first time we ever did it was at the behest of a stranger at a hotel. That man was a dad himself, but this boy was young, even younger than me. He'd already sucked my father's dick alongside me. Now, he was about to witness us going even further.

    There wasn't a lot of chatting. We all knew what we were here for. The boy and I started kissing and taking our clothes off, while my dad sat on the bed and watched us while loosening his tie. 

    By the time I was down to the jockstrap I'd worn that day, my father was still fully dressed. Standing like this in front of him, in his nice expensive suit, felt particularly exciting. I broke off the kiss with the intern and stepped closer to my dad, winding my body in front of his watchful eye. Dad put his large hands on each side of my muscular torso, and slowly started to slide them down. 

    "I see why all those men paid to watch you online," he said, referring to my brief stint at porn. Another thing he and I had in common, even though I didn't even know it at the time.

    Dad ran his fingers down my obliques, before landing one hand on my bulge and the other on my bare ass, trying to reach between my cheeks. My cock started to grow. Dad was still sitting down on the bed, and I wiggled my jocked bulge in his face, gently hitting his nose with it. It made Dad laugh, and he looked up to make eye contact with me. I looked in his eyes, and it brought me back through all the years that we'd spent together. How he always took care of me, and how much I loved him.

    My pierced cock was bursting out of my jock by now. Dad helped it out and started to stroke it, just like I'd stroked his cock at the office earlier. The intern was to the side, jerking himself off and watching us intently, adding, "Fuck! I wish I could do this with my own dad."

    I smiled, realizing the young man hadn't seen Sven and me kiss yet. An act which could seem so much more erotic than full-on fucking, even. I leaned down and very slowly put my lips on Dad's, as if it were my first time kissing someone. After a couple of seconds of touching lips timidly, my father switched up the pace and went all in, shoving his tongue inside my mouth and grabbing the back of my head, pushing me in, smushing our faces together. We both grunted and fought for breath as we sucked on each other's tongues passionately, exchanging saliva. When we were done, I carefully bit his lower lip and pulled it with my teeth.

    "Fucking pig," Dad said to me under his breath.

    "I learned from the best," I grinned.

    Suddenly, he grabbed my hips and spun me around 180º. He put his hand on my back and pushed down with ease, until I was bent over, with my bare ass in his face. The next place I felt his hands was on my asscheeks, separating them. I felt his breath on my exposed hole and a second later, his tongue was running circles around it, getting closer and closer to the center with each turn.

    "Fuck!" our audience member and I said simultaneously. Dad grunted, and I felt his tongue start to penetrate my hole, going in little by little until he was deeper inside me than anyone had ever been with his tongue.

    By now, my hole was wide open and pulsing in anticipation, ready to be filled. My father sensed that, so he spun me around again and reached down to his crotch, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his zipper as fast as possible. Meanwhile, I leaned down to give him another passionate kiss, feeling all the horniness building inside both of us.

    Finally, my father's dick was free. At first, I thought he might want to take me from behind, but I was surprised to hear him say "Sit on my lap" while we were face-to-face.

    I stepped in slowly and started straddling him. The front of my jock was pulled down and tucked under my balls, and Dad reached for my now-fully-hard cock and started stroking it as I lowered my hips until I felt the tip of his dick against my asshole. With his free hand, Dad reached down to his own cock and held it firmly up like a pole.

    "Do you guys want some lube?" our host offered.

    "No need. I think the boy can handle this," my father replied. By now, we were almost at eye level. I continued to go lower, feeling his cockhead entering my hole. Lower still, and inch by inch, my father's thick cock, slick with precum, was all inside me.

    "Oh, fuck, Daddy!" I moaned out loudly as I felt that last inch slide in. "Oh, fuck that feels good."

    "There you go, baby. There you go," Dad encouraged me, holding my back with his right arm and rubbing it supportively, all the while his left fist was going up and down my cock.

    Face to face, I could feel us breathing on each other now, our noses rubbing together. I was using my thigh and glute muscles to bounce up and down on Dad's lap, making him grunt in pleasure whenever I'd squeeze my sphincter tightly around his cock.

    "Daddy," I said one more time and started to kiss him. I felt pleasure with my tongue, which was in his mouth; my cock, which had his hand wrapped around it; and my ass, getting drilled by his dick. Even though it wouldn't count toward the CUMpetition, I wanted his seed inside of me.

    "This is so fucking hot! I'm getting close," our host announced.

    "Hold it!" I insisted. "I want you to cum inside of me."

    I looked at the boy, who slowed down his jerking. Then, I turned back to my father and continued making out with him. Soon, I could tell that Dad was nearing the edge as well.

    "You're SUCH a good fuck," he told me, running his right hand up and down my back. "I'm really proud of you, son."

    "Thanks, Dad," I smiled, and started to bounce even faster. I'd already swallowed one of his loads today. And now, I was about to get another one, deep in my guts. "Give me your babies, Daddy," I started to moan.

    "Yeah? You want Daddy to breed you?" he asked, then gave me a quick kiss.

    "Fuck yeah, Dad. Shoot inside me."

    Suddenly, my father's right hand grabbed my hair and yanked on it, pulling my head back.

    "What do you want, boy?" he said loudly, filling the whole apartment with his voice.

    "I want my father's sperm inside me, Sir," I replied obediently.

    "What do you want?!" he repeated with even more authority.

    "I want my father to cum inside me and fill my stomach with his sperm. I want to feel it inside my guts. Please, Sir!"

    With one final grunt, it was Dad who was lifting his hips now, pushing deep inside my ass with every last millimeter of his cock. After a few aggressive thrusts, I got my wish. I got what I was begging for. My father started to unload inside me.

    "Ahhh, fuck!" we both yelled as I felt several spurts of cum. I squeezed Dad's cock with my asshole, trying to extract as much jizz as possible. 

    "Fuck, that's good," he said, loading me up for several moments before laying his back down on the bed. I leaned forward to give him a kiss, and felt his large cock plop out of my cummy hole. Just then, our host stepped in and pushed his own dick up against it.

    "I'm gonna blow my load," he announced. It took him a mere second to slip inside me; my hole was well used by now and already lubed up with my father's cum.

    "Go for it," I said as the boy started to fuck me. I leaned my upper body down and laid it on top of my dad, until we were face-to-face again.

    "You're gonna get another load," he said to me softly.

    "Yes, Daddy."

    "You're such a good little cumdump," he smiled. "I love you."

    "I love you too, Dad," I said and gave him a kiss. Just as my tongue entered Dad's mouth, I felt the intern cum inside my ass, adding yet another load there.



    On Fridays like tonight, we usually went out to eat or ordered takeout, which left me with more free time than usual. As I waited for everyone to get back from work, I paced through the apartment, once again ending up in front of the photos hanging on our bedroom wall.

    A black-and-white nude of Sven and me, next to an identical shot of my son and his husband. "The Second Generation," I liked to call this reenacted photo. It got me thinking about the concept of family, and my own past.

    When I first moved to New York, I met a lot of other queer people who'd also been disowned by their families. That's who took care of me. Then I met Sven and now here we were, all these years later. We were legally married, something none of our ancestors got to do. We had our son, and his husband as well. And they'd never have to experience the turmoil we did at their age.

    Thinking even further back, I went to the closet and took out the box full of memories from my Grandpa Nate. Finally, I felt ready to go through it and really see what was there. Diaries, letters, old photos... And I couldn't believe the story I uncovered...

    That evening, Brady and Will were home first. We ordered pizza and had a drink while waiting for my son and my husband. Eric and Sven arrived together, cheerful and with lots to tell.

    "We had the craziest day," my son said as I handed him a glass of wine. "I went to Dad's office during lunch, and... long story short, I ended up sucking him off under his desk while his boss was in the room."

    "What?!" came everyone's reaction, and Eric laughed before giving us all the details.

    "I'd just like to remind everyone," said Brady, "that Sven is still the main breadwinner in this family, so please don't get him fired."

    "I know. It really was risky," our son admitted, "but that's why it was so exciting."

    "Almost as risky as when I sucked off one of your teachers under his desk at your school," I said to my son. "Mr. Williams, remember him? You walked into the classroom just then."

    "Yeah, yeah, you gotta one-up me with all your slutty stories. Well, no more! It is time," – he made a drumroll on one of the empty pizza boxes – "to wrap up the CUMpetiton. So, old man," he asked me affectionately, "what do ya got?"

    "Why don't you go first?" I suggested.

    "Okay. Well, with the four loads I took at The Falcon last night, and the load from Dad's intern tonight, I think that brings me to 16 loads."

    Everyone around the table clapped and cheered and whistled.

    "Well," I said when the cheers had come to an end, "I only managed to get four loads this past week. Which means I got... 14."

    "YES!" our son started to celebrate his win. "I won! Yay!"

    Eric's husband leaned in and gave him a celebratory kiss, as did the rest of us.

    A short while later, Sven – who was, uncharacteristically, still wearing all his clothes – finished his pizza and went out to our small balcony for a smoke. Eric was still bragging about his victory to Brady and Will, so I went out to join my husband.

    "So," Sven said to me as I shut the door behind me, "how many loads did you really take on New Year's Eve?"

    "Whatever do you mean?" I asked, taking a sip of my wine.

    "You said you took three loads in New York," he took a drag of his cigarette, then exhaled. "I've never seen you go to a sex party and only get three loads."

    I smiled. He knew me too well.

    "I got 12 that night," I admitted. "But I knew if I said that, Eric would never catch up. Let him have this."

    My husband smiled, put his arm around me, and gave me a big cigarette-and-whiskey-flavored kiss, something I only tolerated from him.

    "I love you," he said softly.

    "I love you too," I said, shivering from the cold. "Now come on inside. I have a story to tell."



    After dinner that evening, David gathered all of us in the living room again.

    "I had quite an interesting afternoon myself," he said. "I went through the box of stuff from my Grandpa Nate."

    "Your grandfather that your nephew was named after?" Brady asked.

    "Yes," said David.

    "That's also my middle name: Nathanael," Eric chimed in.

    "He was by far my favorite grandparent growing up," David continued. "And I was his favorite grandchild, even though he tried not to show it. He was always so kind. And ever since I really understood what 'gay' was, ever since I developed a gaydar... I've been wondering if he might've been gay himself, or at least somewhere on the spectrum. And today, I finally learned the truth."

    Everyone waited with bated breath for David to continue. 

    "When he was in Yale, my grandfather fell in love with another man, a fellow student. That was the first person he ever had sex with. It felt so... weird, to be reading about it in my grandfather's journals, but also very... cathartic. He and I were always so close, and now this makes me feel closer to him, in a way. 

    "Unfortunately, it didn't last, which isn't much of a surprise considering the times. After he graduated, my grandfather married my Grandma Claire. It was during World War 2, and his old lover went to serve in Europe for a while. Luckily, he survived. He kept in touch with my grandpa through letters, but they never saw each other again. From what I can piece together, this man went back to Yale and graduated. Then he moved back to Columbus, where he was from, and got married there. Then, the letters stop for a while. 

    "About ten years later, the man came out to his family as 'homosexual,' which must've been a hell of a thing to do, and went to live in San Francisco. He seemed happy there for a while. He invited my grandfather to join him several times, but Grandpa Nate never did. He never 'got the courage,' he wrote in his journal. 

    "Then in '66, a few months before I was born, my grandpa got a letter from one of his friend's acquaintances in San Francisco. He'd died. That is why my grandfather decided to name me after him: David. David Bouchet was the man's name."

    That is when my heart started to beat like crazy, like it was going to burst out of my chest.

    "Wh– What did you say his last name was?" I asked, stuttering.

    "Boo-shay? If I'm pronouncing that right," said David.

    "That– That's my mother's maiden name," I said in shock. "Her– Her grandfather was one of the first black men to go to Yale. I don't know much about him, but I know that."

    "Have you ever seen a photo of him?" said David, sounding equally as shocked. "Cuz I have some here," he reached for the box that was on the table.

    "No... No I haven't..."

    "You guys, you know this can't be a coincidence," my husband said, squeezing my hand. "Will, your mother's from Columbus. You're talking about the same man here!"

    David came to sit next to me, and showed me a black-and-white photo of his Grandpa Nate... next to my great-grandfather. It was the first time I was looking at a photo of him.

    "That means..." I couldn't get myself to finish the sentence.

    "That means that I was named after your great-grandfather," David burst out in emotional laughter. He let me hold the photo of our ancestors, and put both his arms around me. On my other side, my husband hugged me as well, and they both squeezed tightly. 

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