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Raunchy Pride


    The difference between winter and summer in Boston was like living on a different planet. After a few months of dealing with the endless snow storms, things were finally looking up. In the beginning of spring, Eric, his two dads, and I took a little trip to Miami to finally catch some sun (and have some naughty fun with our friends there). Then in June, just as the summer started heating up, we took another trip, this time to Fire Island in New York, where my half-sister was marrying my college buddy Rory.

    Jordan and Rory had met at my wedding with Eric last year. Several months later, the two of them were dating. And then one day, I got a phone call from them saying they're engaged and that Jordan is pregnant! "Damn, straight people move fast," I'd noted to my husband. 

    At their wedding, I got to reconnect with my mom. We talked, and for the most part we buried the proverbial hatchet. She even met Eric, David, and Sven, which felt like a huge step for me. Now that I knew there was a link between Eric's family and mine – in the form of our great-grandfathers being together when they were in Yale – I wanted to explore that connection as much as possible. It wasn't going to be easy, but I'd received an invitation from Mom to dig through her old family albums next time I was in Columbus, which was a start.

    After returning from Fire Island, it was already time to start preparing for Boston Pride. This year, David and Sven's boyfriend Brady was marching in the parade alongside the gay-straight alliance of his university. We all went down to the South End and fought our way to the front row of the crowd, only to see Brady pass us by for five seconds and then disappear again.

    "Okay, so what do you wanna do next?" I asked Eric and his dads.

    "First, let's get the fuck out of this crowd," David suggested and we elbowed our way back. Being surrounded by so many people felt claustrophobic, and it wasn't our idea of a good time. The one good part was that we got to walk around shirtless, and I could admire my husband's and his dads' asses in the tiny little shorts they were wearing. David's ass in particular looked good today, tightly packed in a pair of green shorts which were giving him a wedgie, with a neon-orange jockstrap waistband peeking over them. As we walked out of the crowd, I slid my hand inside my father-in-law's shorts, using the sweat between his asscheeks as lube to finger him with my middle finger.

    "Mmm," David moaned and winked at me while we made our way past hundreds of people, all of them too busy looking at the parade to notice what was going on in David's shorts. I felt his hole clench my digit tighter so I slid further in, finger-fucking Eric's dad for several minutes until we were out of the crowd and looking for our next destination.

    "Where to next?" Eric said as I placed my middle finger inside his dad's mouth. When he spotted us, my husband asked "What're you guys doing?"

    "Oh nothing," I replied while David sucked his ass sweat off my digit. "Why don't we go to The Falcon?"

    The Falcon was our favorite leather bar, and it was unsurprisingly full today. Thankfully, we managed to squeeze our way past many hairy, harness-clad bears to get to the bar, where Sven ordered four beers for us. After a while, we even snagged a small table in one of the corners. 

    "I can get rid of these now," David said and pulled off his green shorts, since nudity was tolerated (and encouraged) at this venue. He stood in his bright orange jock and placed the sweaty shorts on the table, before his husband took them in his hand and gave them a big whiff. 

    "Mmm, nice," said Sven, pulling off his own shorts next. Since he wasn't wearing any underwear, he now stood at the table with just a thick metal cockring on. The ring matched Sven's PA and nipple piercings, and it also helped Sven's large dick look even larger, since he was sporting a semi.

    Eric remained more conservative than his parents and kept his shorts on, as did I. Around us, most of the men were drinking or dancing, but some were getting their dicks sucked right there, with an occasional couple even fucking right in the densely packed bar.

    Eric's dads soon had their hands all over each other. While we chatted about David's nephew Nathan (who wasn't with us cuz he was spending the day with his new boyfriend Sam), David stroked his husband's dick and we all got to watch it grow bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, Sven continued what I'd started doing in the street, and he was now finger-fucking David's ass right at the table. 

    Seeing Eric's parents do something like this was no surprise anymore, after living with them for three years. Across the table, my husband and I exchanged plenty of kisses and rubbed each other's bulges as well, feeling each other's dicks getting harder.

    "When do you wanna tell 'em?" Eric whispered in my ear. This morning, he and I had decided that we wanted to share some news with his dads, but a crowded bar didn't feel like the right place for it.

    "Let's wait until we get home," I whispered back and gave Eric another kiss. 

    We were done with our first round of drinks and Sven went to the bar to get us another one. As he walked, his huge hard dick pointed forward like a weather vane, making every man in his way turn to ogle at it hungrily. While Sven waited at the bar, I decided to go down to the restroom and piss out my first beer.

    If at all possible, the men's room was even busier than the main area of the bar!! It was full of men patiently waiting to take a piss, as well as guys fucking or sucking dick. Couples who were apparently too shy to fuck up on the dance floor were fucking in several of the cubicles. By the urinals, a few men were sitting down on the floor, naked or dressed in rubber, having strangers piss on them. I'd seen plenty of raunchy fun at The Falcon, but never anything like this! It reminded me of the bars and clubs in Berlin that I visited with Eric's family three years ago.

    After a 15-minute wait, I finally got a free spot at a urinal. Right next to me, a leather daddy was pissing onto a young muscle jock's chest. After emptying my bladder, I didn't even think about waiting in line to wash my hands and I headed upstairs.

    "There you are!" David said and patted my ass as I passed him. Sven was back at the table, and my second beer was waiting for me. As we drank, David decided to go down on his knees and start sucking his husband's dick, right there in front of their own son and me.

    "Your parents are so hot," I said to Eric for the thousandth time and we started kissing again. Close to us, two hairy daddies were now fucking, and many men in the crowd had their eyes on them.

    "I need to go take a piss," Sven announced.

    "Good luck," I said. "The line for the men's room's a fucking nightmare."

    "Hm," Sven said and looked down at his husband who had his dick in his mouth. "Think you can take it without making a mess?"

    "Mhm," David nodded, and it took me a second to understand what they were talking about. Finally, I realized Sven was pissing in David's mouth, right there at the table. David was taking it so expertly that you couldn't even tell what was going on unless you focused on David's Adam's apple, which was moving up and down quickly as he guzzled his husband's piss. I knew I'd just let go of a huge stream of piss in the urinal, and Sven was probably letting go of just as much. Still, just to make sure, I turned to Eric and asked,

    "Is he…?"

    "Yeah, I think he's pissing in his mouth," Eric said to me.

    "Have you ever seen them do this before?" I asked.

    "I don't think so. But honestly, I've seen them do so much stuff I don't even remember."

    At times I genuinely forgot that even though I'd spent three eventful years with David and Sven, Eric had spent much longer than that: his entire life. It still amazed me, thinking about what my husband experienced with his parents all that time. 

    A minute later, Sven was finishing up. I could tell because his dick was out of David's open mouth now, and he was shaking it to get rid of the last few drops of piss. David had indeed managed to take it all without letting a single drop hit the floor.

    "I need to go as well," Eric suddenly said. I looked at him and then at his parents, who seemed just as taken back to hear this as I was. Was Eric… was he suggesting…?

    Eric walked around the table and took his father Sven's spot in front of David's open mouth. David was kneeling on the floor, looking up, not budging from his spot. Next to us, the two bears were still fucking, keeping most of the patrons' attention to themselves, so our little piss play went by unnoticed.

    David reached down into his jockstrap and pulled out a rock-hard dick. He was probably already getting hard while drinking Sven's piss, but his son's suggestion had gotten him fully boned up now. With his dick out, David started stroking, looking up at his son's blue eyes as Eric towered over him.

    Eric was wearing a yellow pair of shorts, which seemed appropriate given the occasion. He pulled out his pierced cock, which was half-hard, and placed it next to his father's lips. Eric's penis piercing wasn't as large as Sven's, but he kept stretching it every few months and it was slowly getting there. Behind Eric, Sven was donning a fully hard dick as well, looking down to see if Eric was really gonna go for it.

    Eric pushed his cockhead inside David's mouth, who closed his lips around it. "Aaaah," Eric let out a satisfied moan, and I knew it meant he was letting go of his piss. A moment later, David's throat was visibly swallowing again, taking all of it down.

    "Holy shit!" I said out loud, amazed by the scene in front of me. I'd never known my husband to piss inside anyone's mouth, and now he was doing it inside his father's. Meanwhile, David was stroking his own cock faster and faster, making it clear just how much he was turned on by this. 

    It took Eric almost a minute to finish pissing as well. Even after he was done, David continued to suck on his dick, this time taking the shaft inside his mouth, giving Eric a blowjob. David's strokes sped up more and more, and I could tell that Eric was boning up, growing fully hard. Soon, through a mouthful of dick, David grunted "MMM!!" and started blowing his load, which landed on his son's shins, calves, and sneakers.

    "Damn, Dad!" Eric said, admiring the size of his father's load. With that, Eric placed his right hand on the back of David's head and started face-fucking him, thrusting harder inside his mouth. 

    "Attaboy," said Sven, patting his son on the back. As he got his throat fucked, David gagged a couple of times, but he managed to soldier through it, like we all knew he would.

    "Cum inside his mouth," I said to my husband, who winked at me. He'd already deposited his piss down David's throat; I wanted to see him do the same with his cum now.

    Now that David was choking on Eric's dick, we started to attract the attention of quite a few bar goers as well. Next to his husband and his son, Sven was stroking his own monster daddy dick, and I could tell that many of the men around us wanted to drop down to their knees and worship it. But Sven had a different idea. He went to stand up right next to where David was kneeling, towering over him, with his dick hovering over David's cocksucking face.

    "If you cum in his mouth, I'll cum on his face," Sven made an offer to Eric.

    "Deal," my husband agreed, and started to fuck his dad's face harder.

    "Yeah, you'd like that, you pig?" Sven asked, looking down at David. "You'd like me to cum on your face as you swallow your son's load?"

    Through a mouthful of dick, David muttered something that sounded like "Yes, Sir!"

    I watched as my husband went to town, fucking his dad's mouth more vehemently with each thrust. Next to them, Daddy Sven was jerking himself off, until Eric suddenly reached for Sven's dick with one hand and started stroking it. Sven let go, allowing his son to take care of his erection instead, dripping precum all over Eric's hand and David's face.

    Most of the men at The Falcon today were tourists here for Pride. Unlike the regulars who usually came here, they had no idea the two men that Eric was playing with were his fathers. But I knew the whole story, and I enjoyed the show this hot-as-fuck family gave us. 

    "Fuck, yeah!" Sven moaned loudly as his son stroked his dick faster and faster. I was amazed at Eric's dexterousness, to jerk off one dad while face-fucking the other. Soon, Sven's grunts revealed that he was close to the edge. That must've turned Eric on even more, because he asked, "You ready?" and a couple of seconds later both he and Sven were blowing their loads; Sven's landing all over David's face, while Eric's babies slid down his cocksucking dad's throat and landed in his stomach.

    After swallowing Eric's load, David let his son's dick out of his mouth and made a move to get back up, only to be interrupted by Eric who said "Stay there!" Next, Eric was leaning down, licking Sven's cum off of David's face, wrapping it all up by giving David a big kiss during which they both got to swap cum back and forth in their mouths.

    "Happy Pride," I heard Eric say to his dad as they made out, passing jizz to each other and finally swallowing it.

    A few hours later, the four of us were back at the apartment. Brady was still out with his college crew, and we got to relax and rehydrate after a very eventful Pride. Now that we were here, enjoying some peace and quiet, it was finally time for Eric's and my announcement.

    "You guys have a seat," he asked his dads in the living room. "Do you wanna tell 'em?" he asked me next.

    "No, you go," I said with a smile, holding Eric's hand.

    "Dads," he continued, almost nervously. "We wanted to tell you… We've decided to… We've decided to follow in your footsteps and become parents. We looked into our finances, and we wanna go with a surrogate and have a baby. Just like you."

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