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"Valentine's Day Surprise" is a Supporter Exclusive story that takes place between

Chapters 25 & 26 of My Boyfriend and My Two Dads

At 7,500 words, it is the longest Two Dads chapter to date.

It features narration by each of the five main characters over Valentine's Day in 1996 and 2020, giving an insight into David and Sven's past, as well as events that'll change the whole family's future. It contains multiple sex scenes, including a first for a certain couple.

The full story is instantly available for Supporters of any tier.

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...

Valentine's Day 1996



    After nearly four years with David, I knew him very well. A single word, a single grunt from him, was enough to let me know how he was feeling.

    "Aha," was all I heard him say to whoever he was on the phone with, and I knew it wasn't anything good. 

    "Thanks for letting me know, Linda," he continued. "Say hi to Juliette for me. Yeah, you too. You guys have a nice Valentine's Day. Bye."

    He hung up the phone and let out a deep sigh. Looking up, he noticed me standing there in the living room, among all the boxes we hadn't unpacked yet. 

    "That was my cousin," he filled me in.

    I knew David only ever talked to one person in his family, a cousin who lived with her "roommate" in Montreal. She wasn't out of the closet to the rest of the family, so unlike David, she wasn't cut off.

    "She called to let me know my sister's just had a baby," David added.

    I stood quietly, patiently waiting to hear the rest of the story. David's sisters already had several kids. As sad as he was never to have met any of his nieces and nephews, David had learned to live with it. There had to be something special about this one if it made him look so heartbroken.

    "They named him Nathanael," David's jaw trembled and he was starting to lose the battle against tears. "A– After Grandpa."

    I finally stepped in and took David in my arms. We were both naked. I let him sob on my shoulder for a while, before guiding him to the couch where we both lay down.

    "I've told you about Grandpa Nate?" David said after he'd calmed down.

    "Bits and pieces," I replied, letting him lie on top of me and taking him in my arms. In reality, I knew most of the story, but I felt like it might feel good for him to retell it.

    "I was his favorite growing up. Everyone could see it. He had a bunch of grandkids, but he and I just had a special bond. We were friends. Real, actual friends. It wasn't until I moved to New York and I met more gay men, including some older ones, that I realized Grandpa Nate might've been gay. Sure, he was married to Grandma and had a family, but that's what was expected of him. What was expected of me! Maybe that's what our special bond was, our… connection. He died a year before I came out. He never knew. And I'll never know about him either…"

    "Maybe he knew more than you think," I said, stroking David's hair. "Maybe that's why you were his favorite."

    David went quiet and stared at the ceiling pensively, completely lost in thought.

    "Yeah, maybe," he finally said after a few minutes.

    We lay that way in silence, listening to the birds chirping in the backyard of our newly-bought house. We were cut off from the rest of the world here. Just the two of us. We were safe. Albeit, sometimes a bit lonely.

    "Do you ever think of all the gay men who couldn't be among us because they had to hide like Grandpa Nate?" David asked suddenly.

    "Not too often. I guess that's a bit selfish of me. 

    "I mean, here I am feeling sorry for myself for being cut off from my family, but in his time, it would've been even worse. We have it good!"

    "We do, in comparison," I said. "Just sucks that it has to be 'in comparison.' But don't worry. We'll do better for the next generation."

    David turned around and faced me, finally smiling. I smiled too, before we started kissing. More and more passionately, until both of our dicks were hard. This house was so new, we hadn't even christened the couch yet. 

    "Dr. Cheng is expecting us," I said, naughtily biting my lower lip and squeezing David's juicy ass cheeks. Fuck, that ass of his was amazing!

    "He can wait a bit," David said, spitting on his right hand and rubbing it on his asshole... (continues)

Valentine's Day 2020



    I looked out the window while my son poured us each a drink. Here, alone just the two of us, it felt like the right time to say it.
    "I saw your profile," I announced, accepting the glass of wine he offered me. "Your… porn profile."

    "Ah, yeah? How did you like it?" Eric seemed amused by the idea.

    "Well, you seem to be doing well for yourself, so, congratulations."

    "Thanks, Dad. Cheers," my son and I clinked glasses and took a sip, still standing side-by-side and looking out the window.

    "You look really good in all the photos and videos," I continued. Eric was beaming with pride, and I enjoyed feeding his ego. Besides, everything I was saying was true. "It's not just your body, but stuff like the lighting and angles… it's all very good. You have a knack for it."

    "Thanks. I'm glad you noticed. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that. Think I got that from you."

    ("You'll never know how much you got from me," I thought.)

    "I couldn't not notice," I said out loud and chuckled. "You definitely know how to… get a man's attention."

    "Yeah?" my son seemed amused by my remark. "Did it make you pop a boner?"

    Here we were; another line we were crossing. But I never lied to my son.

    "It did indeed," I admitted. Then I went even further. "I have one right now, just thinking about it."

    We both looked down at my crotch. My son, never one to be ashamed of his sexuality, just smiled. 

    "I do too," he added. "Maybe we should jerk off before the others get here," he placed his hand on his crotch.

    "I have a better idea," I said, turning to face him and getting down on my knees... (continues)

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