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Family Seed

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    I was excited, but nervous. While checking my hair again in the mirror, I jumped in surprise when I heard the knock on the door, even though I'd been expecting it. Trying to look confident and casual, I opened it and greeted the 25-year-old guy who was going to be the first guy to fuck me.

    He and I had chatted on an app for about a month before we started talking seriously about meeting up. He lived in Mountain View, about 45 minutes away and it was easier for him to come here. Knowing that I'd be out of school and that I'd have the apartment to myself the day after Thanksgiving, we'd made a plan and I'd been counting down to this particular Friday for almost two weeks.

    He knew I was sixteen and I assured him that I wasn't going to get him in any trouble. We'd built up enough trust where he felt okay meeting up with me and I felt okay having him over, even though it would be our first time meeting him in person. He was somehow even hotter now that he was standing right in front of me, and it seemed like the assessment was mutual. He had been in the apartment for about 30 seconds and we were already fervently making out. This definitely wasn't the first guy I'd ever kissed, but it was already some of the most intense action I'd had up to this point. Things were moving fast and pretty soon I suggested that we go to my bedroom.

    "You don't want to fuck on your dad's bed?" the guy asked me playfully as I led him down the short hallway. He knew I lived with my father but I hadn't volunteered much more information about Dad.

    "Nooo," I said with a smile as I led him to my room. We kept kissing and slowly removed one another's clothes. Once naked, we were stroking one another's hard cocks as we both fell back onto my bed. I slid down his body and sucked his cock for a while. I'd had a little experience doing that and I was fairly confident in my skills. He seemed to enjoy my efforts, and when I crawled back up to make out a little more, he said I'd almost made him cum, which was nice to hear.

    Then, he said he wanted to get me ready, and before I could process what that meant, his face was between my ass cheeks and his tongue was at my hole. This was something new for me, and I suddenly knew why porn showed so many guys moaning like crazy as they got rimmed. It was an incredible sensation and I got lost in the enjoyment of it for quite a while. Eventually, the dude stopped and was sliding up my body, doing little kisses along my spine as he moved.

    "You ready?" he whispered when his lips reached my ear. At the same time, I felt the head of his cock push against my hole gently.

    "Mhm," I responded, with closed eyes and a big smile. This was it! I pushed out as he pushed in, and then he was fucking me! The sensation of being filled like this wasn't totally new. I had a few toys and I'd been exploring what felt best about being penetrated for a while now. But I quickly realized that even the most lifelike dildo was no comparison to the real thing. This guy's cock wasn't super thick, but it was pretty long – 8 inches, or at least that's what he claimed – and it was an intense feeling as he worked that last inch or two into me.

    When I knew he was all the way inside me, I was able to relax a little more and really begin to enjoy the full range of pleasure. That first time that he slid his cock out and then pushed back in... the sounds I made let him know that I was enjoying myself immensely. As he started going faster, I gave myself over to my body's cravings and started moving in time with him. We spent quite a while exploring different positions and he showed me a few things I hadn't even thought of trying. He made me cum once when he was deep inside me and I told him to just keep going. My cock stayed hard as he continued to stimulate me from the inside, and I knew I wanted to cum the same way again before this guy left. With all of that, it was no wonder that I lost track of the time.



    Just like every year, I was irritated at having to work the day after Thanksgiving, but I was happy that we got to wrap up a little early and I could send everyone home to their families, myself included. Rickie and I traditionally made ourselves hearty plates of leftovers from the day before, and watched some of our favorite movies. This year, I was planning to let him drink beer with me and I'd grabbed a six pack on the way home. Shifting it to my other hand as I unlocked the door of our apartment, I mused at how mature my son was getting, and I wondered how long we'd be able to keep up this tradition.

    As I crossed the main area and went into the kitchen to stick the bottles in the fridge, I froze and took stock of everything that I was suddenly noticing. There was a jacket tossed onto the back of the couch, one that I didn't recognize. The apartment seemed much tidier than when I had left in the morning, the exact opposite of what I expected to find after Rickie spending the day here alone. The lights were off, as if no one had been in this part of the apartment since the middle of the day when the sun lit the space fully. And the sounds I could hear from Rickie's room were not the usual video gaming shouts and noises that came from behind that closed door.

    "Holy shit," I thought to myself. "He's got a guy in there with him. And they're..." Well, what I was hearing told me all I needed to know. Those sounds were familiar to me, but I'd never heard them coming from my son's bedroom before. I felt a rush of different feelings. Surprise that this was happening "so soon," even as I reminded myself that I was younger than Rickie when I lost my virginity. There was a twinge of nostalgia for when Rickie was younger, but alongside that was some pride that he was taking a step into adulthood. I felt amusement as I realized that he'd probably lost track of time, though I was also home earlier than usual. And above all, there was curiosity. Who was he with? He'd never had a serious boyfriend and didn't even have his sights on anyone as far as I knew, though I was aware he didn't tell me everything about every little crush and flirtation. He'd gone to the Homecoming dance with one of his gay friends back in September, but I knew that guy had since coupled up with someone else in their circle. One of my son's other gay buddies? Or maybe one of his straight friends who was broadening his horizons?

    I crept quietly into my bedroom and changed into sweat shorts and a T-shirt. As I went back to the kitchen, the noises from my son's bedroom had stopped and I thought they were probably finished, hopefully enjoying a nice cuddle. The thought of the two naked high school boys tangled up in bed, sweaty and exhausted, was enough to make my cock jump a little bit. Sure, one of them was my son, but I allowed myself the brief indulgence. And I was still eager to put a face to the moans I'd heard earlier.

    I was sitting at the kitchen table, pretending to look at my phone (but really waiting to see who emerged from the bedroom) when the door finally opened. Out stepped a guy who wasn't the smooth-faced teenager I'd expected to see. This dude was definitely a little older, with a bit of scruff and quite a few tattoos visible on his chest, which I could see because he was still buttoning up his shirt when he noticed me sitting there staring at him.

    He jumped a little in surprise, but to his credit he recovered quickly and smiled at me.

    "Hi," he said matter-of-factly.

    "Hey," I replied, still a little stunned that my son had hooked up with a guy who seemed to be well into his twenties. And a pretty hot guy, at that. Someone I myself might have approached at a bar on a night when I was feeling inclined to have fun with someone younger.

    "You must be Rick's dad," he said, stating the obvious.

    "Rick?" I thought. "That's new." I told him he was correct and looked at him expectantly, playing it close to the vest. Seeing how he reacted in this moment would tell me a lot about him. The guy was calm, and I supposed that was better than having him freak out upon seeing me and running out the door. He stepped toward me, extended his right hand and introduced himself. "Well, at least he's polite," I thought as I accepted the handshake. The silence during it was a little awkward, and as I pulled my hand back I noticed that the guy's hand felt wet and a little sticky. "He's still sweaty," I thought to myself, though it had felt more like lube than sweat. But lube wasn't sticky like that… "Oh jeez, is that cum on his hand?!!"

    The guy made a comment about needing to get going. I just acknowledged him with a nod and a casual smile as he collected his jacket and left. I was still sitting at the table processing my thoughts when Rickie came out of his room.

    My son was shirtless and had some running shorts on, probably something he'd grabbed off the floor. His hair wasn't as neat as he usually liked it, and he looked a little spent. Obviously blushing as he walked toward me, I knew he'd heard the brief conversation that had just taken place.

    "Hey there, Rick," I said, unable to keep the slight dad-teasing tone from my voice. "How was your day?" My son smiled and giggled as he pulled up a chair and sat down across from me. We spent the next half hour talking about sex, life, responsibility and all the things I felt like I was supposed to say on this day. My son took it all in stride, not even rolling his eyes once. But I could tell that even as he listened to me, he was also playing back the events of the afternoon in his mind, which was no surprise.

    I didn't get to hear every detail (which was fine), though I quickly realized that Rickie had bottomed during his first fuck. This didn't shock me, but what did catch me off guard was the fact I got hard right after my son told me he had cum twice while the guy was inside him. Rickie seemed somewhat pleased with himself about that, or maybe it was just the bliss of the recollection on his face. The images were now playing in my mind too, and I felt my cock throbbing as I pictured my son blasting cum across his stomach and chest, or maybe onto his sheets, while he got his ass plowed by the guy whose hand I'd shaken a short time ago.

    Forcing myself back into the moment, I caught a whiff of my son's familiar odor and it was only then I noticed some dried, flaky spots across his bare chest. I knew that was Rickie's cum, since he'd mentioned (with a satisfied grin) that his guest had cum inside his ass.

    "How about you go take a shower," I suggested, "and I'll make us some turkey sandwiches. You've probably worked up quite an appetite." My son stood up and grinned, his face brighter than I'd seen it in a while.

    "Thanks, Dad," Rickie said, as he stepped around the table and leaned in for a hug. "For being so down-to-earth about everything," he added, and I felt him give me a quick kiss on the cheek. He turned around to head to the bathroom, and I couldn't help but look at his ass, nicely displayed by the snug shorts. "That ass just got fucked for the first time," I thought to myself, feeling slightly scandalous as I did. As I heard the shower turn on, I also stood up and headed toward my own bedroom. My cock was still fully hard, which was another reason I'd suggested that my son leave the room. I was freeballing in the sweat shorts I'd thrown on after getting home and my erection would have been very obvious to him. With everything from the last hour floating around in my head, I thought I'd take advantage of the moment and go beat off to clear my thoughts.

    As I passed Rickie's open bedroom door, I caught that telltale scent of recent sex wafting out. Since I was already worked up to some degree, the smell had the effect of making me even hornier. In recent years I'd become much more of an impulsive thrill-seeker when it came to sex, so I immediately had an idea. Glancing across the hall at the partially open bathroom door, I could hear that my son was still in the shower, and was even humming to himself softly. I figured he was taking his time and going over everything again and again in his head. Then I wondered if he was letting the guy's load ooze out of his ass while he showered, or if he was trying to hold it inside him. Would it still be in there later as we reclined on the couch and watched a movie?

    Feeling another surge of horniness, I decided to go for it. I took a few steps into Rickie's room and laid down on his bed. The scent of everything was so strong, and my cock was already leaking as I pulled down the front of my shorts. I closed my eyes and let all kinds of images pass through my mind as I started to jerk my slicked-up shaft. Within minutes, I was cumming all over my chest… just like my son had done in this very bed just moments ago.    



    Dad and I stumbled slightly as we entered the apartment, and then laughed at one another. We were both a little tipsy after all the wine with the midday Thanksgiving meal. Uncle Ridge had bought two bottles per person, as he'd proudly announced when we'd arrived at their place. His boyfriends Hank and Bill both had more than their share, by my estimation. But we'd all been quite happy by the time the evening wrapped up. There had been comments from everyone that Dylan was sorely missed, since he was spending Thanksgiving with his parents in Sacramento. He had really become part of our family this past year, I'd realized. I think everyone else felt that way about him, especially Dad of course, and the thought made me happier than words could express.

    At home, Dad and I collapsed on the couch, each of us at one end with our knees touching. We were both quiet at first, and for a while I thought we might just fall asleep there.

    "Fuck, I sure miss Dylan," Dad said after a while. The statement didn't surprise me, though there was a vulnerability in my father's voice that I rarely heard.

    "Me too," I agreed, smiling across at him.

    "Things have come a long way since your birthday party," he said, sounding amused. He had that right! We spent the next while reminiscing about some of the fun times with Dylan over the past few months. We'd made a lot of memories with him, both separately and all three of us together. The reminiscing started with us talking about outings and funny moments, but of course we eventually got to some of the steamier, sexier memories that we all shared, like that crazy double blowjob Dylan had given us both during the Pride parade, right there in the crowd on Market Street.

    "And back here after that..." I continued, remembering the amazing threeway we'd had, something that I never thought would happen up to that point. I knew our boyfriend had often fantasized about it, though.

    "Did Dylan check in with you a bunch of times right after that?" I asked with a lovingly amused tone. "To make sure you were okay with what happened?"

    "Yeah. He asked me what it was like for me to have you there with us..." Dad said. "How it felt to be touching you while we all fucked. He asked if you and I made eye contact during it all."

    "Yeah, he had pretty much the same questions for me..." I said, a little haltingly. I assumed that, as with me, Dylan had asked Dad these questions while they were fucking. Those hot and candid moments when you felt safe to say things that you might not any other time.

    My father and I had talked with one another before about how hot Dylan was, or how well he sucked cock. Not often, but we'd always had those occasional bro-ish raunchy talk moments, even before Dylan had been in our lives. This conversation right now was a little different, though. There was silence for a moment, and then I said what was on my mind, feeling like this was something we should probably talk about sooner or later.

    "You know what he wants, right?" I spoke quietly. "I mean... he's never said it outright but..."

    "Yeah. I know," was Dad's response. "I'm sure you've... been with guys who have asked about... that."

    I rarely heard Dad be embarrassed to say something. He was always a straight shooter, a quality I admired about him and tried to emulate.

    "Yeah, a few times," I admitted. "But I learned that it was best not to... I mean..."

    "I know," Dad said as I struggled for the words. "I usually don't mention to guys that I have a gay son. And I figured that's why I rarely got to meet anyone you were seeing."

    "Remember my first time?" I asked, reminding Dad of the first guy to ever fuck me.

    "Yeah, of course," he replied, chuckling a little bit. "Whatever happened to him? Did you guys hook up again, or keep in touch?"

    "We got together a few more times," I confessed. "I thought he might be weirded out after having to meet my dad, but it turned out... Well, it turned out to be just the opposite. He asked a LOT about you, especially after I told him that you were gay too. It kinda got irritating actually, and that's why I stopped texting him."

    Dad didn't say anything, but I could tell from his expression that he could relate to what I was saying. For the first time, I realized that he might have had similar experiences with guys who fetishized our relationship.

    "After him... it's not like I was embarrassed to have you meet anyone," I said. "It just felt better to avoid–"

    "The questions," my father said, finishing my sentence. It was the harsh truth. Incest porn was all over the place. You could spend ten seconds googling and find some video of twin brothers fucking, or of a supposed father and son going at it. So it was on a lot of guys' minds, and even casual hookups seemed to feel like the questions were normal when they found out my father was also gay.

    "Are you into him? Have you guys ever messed around? Do you guys ever have threesomes?"

    For them, the topic was a turn-on. But for me it was more awkward than anything, especially when I was younger. I couldn't be mad, of course. I'd watched some of that porn, and it was hot. The twin stuff especially. If I ever hooked up with a guy who had a twin I might be tempted to ask the same type of questions. But being on the receiving end was just... weird.

    "Dylan's never said anything like that, though," Dad said tenderly, bringing the conversation back to the man we both loved, and some of his unspoken desires. "I expected it for a while, after your birthday. But he's never even suggested anything along those lines."

    "He never even brought up the fact that we... I mean... at Pride we..." I began, stumbling over my words.

    "Pressed our cocks together in his mouth? Licked each other's cum off his face?" Dad finished for me, smiling as he said it, which put me at ease.

    "Yeah," I said, returning the grin. "What did... what did you think about that?"

    "Honestly, Son," Dad said frankly, "In that moment, it was hot as fuck. And I felt an intense connection with you. And that night in my bedroom... I felt it even more." 

    "So did I!" I agreed quickly, almost feeling afraid that if I didn't say it now, I might never say it. "It was wild! That moment when I looked into your eyes was... really intense."

    "I was for me too," Dad said, looking sort of relieved. It seemed like it felt good for both of us to be talking about this.

    "I'm pretty sure Dylan would be up for more repeats of that," I said with a small laugh.

    "You think?" Dad said, with heavy sarcasm. We both chuckled, and I know we were both thinking of the more recent experience in the sex shop when Dylan had been in between us once again.

    "Would you be?" I asked, looking into Dad's eyes.

    "Yeah," Dad said without hesitation. I was surprised to feel my heart beating fast. Feeling bold, I decided to ask another question.

    "Would you... would you ever want to try doing more?" I said. This time I had to look down at my hands. I felt safe asking it, but I wasn't sure what answer I wanted to hear. This time, there was a pause before my father answered.

    "Son," he said, and then put one of his hands on mine. I noticed both our palms were sweaty, and his touch felt both warm and cold on the back of my hand. "If that's something you're comfortable exploring... then I'm open to that, too."

    That comment sat between us for a moment, and I looked up at Dad again. I saw a lot of things in his eyes – confidence, but maybe a little fear as well. But also what I'd always seen when he looked at me. Love, the unconditional kind. My father broke the tension with a smile.

    "I'm pretty sure Dylan would be okay with that, too," he said.

    "You think?" I replied, echoing his earlier sarcasm.

    "We should surprise him with that," my father said, with an amused and conspiratorial tone. I smiled at the fact that we'd apparently already moved on to the planning stages for... whatever it was we were imagining. I wasn't quite sure myself, and the idea of crossing some of those lines for the first time with my own father was a little overwhelming, especially knowing how eager Dylan would be.

    "Well what if we..." I began, and then paused. Was I really going to say this? "What if we... practiced a little bit? Before we surprise him, I mean. You know, so we... so we aren't..."

    "Nervous as all hell?" Dad said, once again finishing my thought. He shook his head, looking like he also couldn't quite believe we were having this conversation. "I mean... it makes sense. I certainly wouldn't want to get his hopes up and then disappoint him."

    "Yeah," I agreed. "We should try to make it as hot for him as we can." I smiled.

    "Okay," Dad said. Then there was silence. What was the next step? Was this going to happen now? I asked the only thing I could think to ask at a moment like this.

    "Are you hard?" I said, my voice a little quiet. "Cuz I am."

    "Yeah," Dad replied, and then said, "Wanna jerk off?"

    "Yeah," I replied as we smiled at one another.

    We both slowly undid our pants and slid them off. Dad pulled off his shirt and I followed suit, and then we were both naked on the couch, each of us holding our hard cock.

    I'd seen my father naked, and even hard, countless times over my life. I'd definitely admired him many of those occasions, with awe when I was littler and then with a different kind of appreciation as I got older. Dad was hot, and certainly I'd never had qualms about going for older guys who had a similar look when I had the opportunity. But I'd never actually fantasized about my father, or anything along those lines.

    Since Dylan had entered our lives though, Dad was now a part of my sex life, even if just tangentially most of the time. When I'd found out – months after the fact – that I'd actually eaten my father's cum out of Dylan's ass at Baker Beach, I hadn't been horrified in the slightest. In fact, it had turned me on a great deal, and often when I'd rimmed Dylan after learning that I would put myself back in that moment. More than once, it had been enough to make me cum in Dylan's mouth as we 69-ed.

    So it didn't feel unnatural to be at this place with Dad now, about to jerk off together. I even felt a little regret that we'd never done this earlier. I'd jerked off with so many of my gay friends, even before I started having sex. And in many ways, Dad was my closest gay friend. It seemed like we should have done this long ago. So I felt nothing but excitement and anticipation. I hoped Dad felt the same way. Judging by the look on his face and the hardness of his cock, it seemed like he did.

    We both got going slowly, not trying to hide the fact that we were looking at one another. My heart was racing but I wasn't nervous at all.

    "I've always thought you had a great cock, Dad," I said, feeling very open and candid. "It's... kinda wild to actually say that to you." My father smiled and looked away for a second, before meeting my eyes again.

    "I'm glad you feel like you can say it, Broderick," he replied. Hearing him use my entire first name was unusual, and in this moment it somehow felt incredibly intimate. No one else ever called me that, even Dylan.

    "You've got an incredible cock too, Son," my father added, and seeing his eyes on my erection made it throb in my hand. "I always thought that it..."

    "Looked like yours?" I said, feeling sure that's how he would have finished the sentence. "I like that it does. It... turns me on that it does."

    We got quiet again as we continued stroking, and I could both see and hear that our cocks were wet now. Dad and I both made a lot of precum – Dylan had told me that a few times.

    "Do you think our cocks feel the same?" Dad asked.

    "I guess... we'd have to ask Dylan," I responded, feeling an odd thrill that I'd given my father a flirty response to his question. I knew where he was heading, and I started to breathe a little faster.

    "Yeah, I'm sure he could tell us. In great detail." Dad said, laughing a little. "Or we could... find out for ourselves." There it was. We looked one another in the eyes and, neither one of us sensing any further hesitation, we both scooted closer on the couch until our thighs and hips touched. In almost perfect synchronization, we removed our hands from our own cocks and reached across to grab each other's.

    "Oh my god..." I whispered, almost unaware the words were leaving my lips. More thoughts ran through my brain, like brightly lit signs in the night. "I have my father's cock in my hand. The cock that made me. I'm jerking off my dad right now!"

    The feeling on my own dick was also pretty mind-blowing. Plenty of hands had played with it and that was never an unpleasant experience. But this felt so oddly... familiar. This hand knew exactly how to hold my cock, where it was most sensitive and what amount of pressure felt best. It was almost like I was jerking off myself, and I realized I was on the other end of that too. Dad's cock didn't just look similar to mine, it felt like mine. And somehow that was the hottest fucking thing in the world to me right now.

    We weren't silent as we stroked one another, there were quite a few whispered statements: "Yeah, that's so good," "You're doing that just right"; as well as less articulate moans of pleasure and sighs of satisfaction. We slowed down at times, too determined to prolong this amazing moment between us, even as we both anticipated the approaching climaxes. It seemed to go without saying that we should try to cum right at the same time.

    The moment came sooner than I expected, and it was upon me first. As I was going over the edge I felt a twinge of regret that I couldn't hold out long enough to cum with Dad. But then, just as I closed my eyes to lose myself in the fireworks, my father's cock seemed to swell even bigger in my grip and I heard him moan in a very familiar way. He was right there with me! I shouldn't have doubted it for a second.

    Both our loads exploded simultaneously. As I felt Dad's warm cum hitting my arm, stomach and chest, I opened my eyes to watch my father's cock erupt with the cum that gave me life. As we both blasted together, I couldn't tell if the drops raining down on my skin were mine or his, and I loved that it didn't matter. I felt some cum land on my upper lip and I quickly licked it off. It tasted like my own, but it could easily have been Dad's too. After jizzing for a minute that felt like eternity, our moans and deep exhalations started to slow down. We both slowed our fist-pumping at the same time. We knew to be mindful of our extra-sensitive cockheads, each of us squeezing and teasing the other's dick just enough to milk out the last few drops.

    Finally, I removed my hand and felt Dad do the same. I brought my cummy fingers to my mouth instinctively, and I grinned when I saw my father doing the same thing. After cleaning my little brothers and sisters off his hand, Dad reached his arm around me and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me close into him. I rested my head on his shoulder and we stayed that way for a long time. Full of food from the earlier meal, full of love for one another, and full of excitement for whatever the future held, my father and I drifted off to sleep together, covered in our family seed.

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