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Sharing a Footlong

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    The sun felt nice on my face as I settled down at the outdoor table with my beer. Dylan was meeting me here in about fifteen minutes, and unbeknownst to him, a special guest was joining us shortly thereafter. I was all giddy with the surprise I had prepared for Dylan. While we were texting earlier, he seemed to be in a bad mood, and I hoped this would cheer him up.

    Dylan and I didn't hang out one-on-one too often, but we tried to touch base as much as possible. That wild night when Brody turned 21 and Dylan discovered he'd been unknowingly dating a father and son, Dylan and I became confidants. He and I bonded over mutual kinks, and shared experiences about the unconventional family we'd found ourselves a part of.

    Dylan was younger than me, so I also felt somewhat paternalistic toward him. He was now in his mid-20s, which was a confusing era for me when I was that age, especially in terms of relationships and sex. Guys these days figured since I had a big dick, I must have been a popular player since high school, with my pick of partners lining up for a chance at my twelve inches.

    In actuality, my endowment had been a source of insecurity and even shame for a long time. In junior high school when I first had to shower around my classmates, my size quickly became the main thing everyone knew about me. After several nicknames found their way into circulation, "Big Bill" was the moniker that stuck, and it was especially awkward as the years went on, when teachers and friends' parents started to use it as well. Most of them assumed I got the name due to my above-average height rather than anything more private. The constant snickers and whispers made me withdrawn and unwilling to entertain thoughts of coming out as gay on top of everything else.

    When I finally did start to accept my size as an advantage in college, my newfound confidence often crumbled once I was alone with a guy and ready to get busy. Rare was the partner that could fit more than half of me in his mouth, and it would often take hours of slow fucking to get most of the way into someone's ass. But at the same time, guys we were unwilling to focus on anything else but my cock, either seeing it as a challenge or just constantly moaning about how big it was.

    It was only in my late thirties that I really found my stride, after racking up a few healthy relationships with boyfriends and fuck buddies. I found that balance between what I could offer and what I knew I wanted, and only then did I get the genuine confidence that I had now (though people still assumed it came easily to me).

    Dylan had the natural confidence that I'd lacked at his age, but he also tended to overthink things sometimes. So if there was any way I could help him, I was willing to try. Throuplehood came with unique challenges, even when your partners weren't a father and son. I'd found my way through some of those, and I suspected that's what was bothering Dylan's mind today.

    When he arrived, we made small talk for a bit until his beer arrived, then we quickly turned to the issue that had been weighing on him.

    "I got a job offer," Dylan said, which didn't surprise me. He'd just graduated from a master's program with high honors, and it seemed like he could write his own ticket in his chosen field. "It's a state job," he continued, "and everything that I've been looking for. But… it's in Sacramento."

    "Ah," I nodded, now understanding. "And you're not sure what that means for you and your guys."

    "I haven't told em anything yet," he confirmed, looking distressed. "There's no way they would want to leave the city, and I'm just... I don't think we could make it work long-distance."

    "Can't you just commute?" I asked. "It's a couple of hours to Sacramento, right?"

    "It wouldn't work," Dylan responded, shaking his head. "There's evening events, networking… That all happens during the week. I'd be home late all the time."

    "You think they'll just drift away from you, don't you?" I asked him after a few more minutes of me trying to come up with solutions, all of which were struck down by Dylan.

    "Yeah," he replied quietly. "I mean, no matter how much we all love one another, I'm always going to be the 'other one,' you know? They have a lifetime of history together and if I'm not there with them..."

    "What, you think they'll realize they don't need you?" I challenged him. "That they'll figure out they can just be a couple on their own?" Dylan paused again, and then just nodded. "Look, I know exactly how you feel."

    "You... you do?" he said with a surprised look on his face. "But like... you bring a lot to the table with Ridge and Hank. And I don't just mean your huge cock." Dylan grinned when he added that last bit, always ready to drop a tease. I was glad that kind of thing didn't bother me anymore.

    "Exactly," I said. "And so do you. You know, most throuples start out with two of the people being together for a while before the third comes in. And as the thirds, it's natural for us to feel like the extra one, or the one that's most expendable or whatever. You have to learn to trust that all three of you are equal partners."

    "I guess…" Dylan said, seeming to understand but apparently not really convinced. I was about to continue, but then I got a text from the surprise guest, saying he was right around the corner from the bar we were at.

    "Listen, Dylan, I'm happy to talk about this more and help you figure it out. You know you can always come to me," I said. "But for now… I have a surprise for you."

    "Oh jeez, what kinda surprise?" Dylan finally cracked a smile.

    "Someone we both know is in town, visiting San Francisco for a few days. He and I have been texting and… He's standing behind you this very instance."

    With a shocked expression on his face, Dylan turned around to greet our friend.




    Seeing Ben kicked me right out of my somber mood. What a trip, seeing him again after all this time! I'd certainly never imagined that would happen. The two of us embraced and laughed, and immediately we all began catching one another up on our lives. Ben was amused by how Bill and I now knew each other, since each of us had met him and his son Sam independently (and very intimately).

    Ben filled us in and let us know Sam had recently gotten married; and he and his husband were now settled in Boston and talking about starting a family of their own. 

Ben was single and still working occasionally as a model, which was what brought him to San Francisco for a few days. He made passing reference to meeting "someone new" recently, but declined to offer any details, and we didn't press him on it.

    Ben was much more interested in hearing the details of our romantic lives, and I could tell he was impressed that Bill and I were both making "the throuple thing" work.

    "And with Thorne and Ridge as cousins, to boot?" Ben said, still looking astonished. "It's quite the pervy party for you two. And Dylan, to think that you ended up with a father and son, it's just... I'm just so happy for you."

    When I just looked down at my beer and didn't respond, Ben raised an eyebrow and then glanced at Bill briefly.

    "Everything okay?" Ben asked, clearly sensing there was some tension at the table.

    I took a deep breath and let it all pour out. My insecurity about moving, my feeling like the expendable one in the relationship, my uncertainty about where this was all going. Ben was the perfect person to talk to about all this. He wasn't someone I saw often, yet he was someone I could confide in without feeling judged. 

    "So you're worried that when you're gone, they'll figure out that their relationship works just fine without you," Ben stated, getting right to the core of my fears. "Did you ever stop to consider that maybe their relationship – this crazy, special and unusual thing they have with one another – that it only works BECAUSE of you?"

    "Huh?" I responded dubiously.

    "I'm serious," Ben continued. "Look, what I never told you is that... Sam and I... we tried to give it a go. As a couple. Just the two of us. Romantically."

    Wow. I'd only met Ben and Sam once, and while they clearly had a deep connection, I'd never imagined them as a "romantic couple." Even now with Thorne and Brody, it seemed like an unusual step to take.

    "But we realized it wasn't going to work," Ben continued his story, and spoke a bit about how hard those conversations had been for him and his son. "But you know, Dylan… if there had been someone else in the mix, someone that Sam and I both loved… someone who shared in our connection the way that you do with your boyfriends... I think it could have been different."
   "Really?" I asked, feeling hopeful for the first time since my job offer had come through.

    "Really," Ben nodded, with genuine warmth in his eyes. "Sam and I couldn't be everything for one another, it was... too much. But you three, that 'everything' is shared between all of you, so it's less pressure on each of you."

    I had to admit, I found his reasoning to be sound and ultimately pretty comforting. We all talked more and I decided to talk to my boyfriends about all of this later tonight, and see what we all thought about what the future held. It felt good to think about that conversation with something other than apprehension.

    "So, now that we've figured that out," said Ben, with a glimmer of mischief in his eye, "I'd love to see what this hot father and son actually look like. Got any pics? And don't keep the good ones to yourself."

    Smiling, I got out my phone and showed him some photos, though all in the PG-13 range. I could tell Ben was happy for me, seeing us all together in the images, but a little disappointed at the lack of skin. So I opened up a hidden folder and let him see the good stuff. The images that were usually just for me. And when I got to a particular video, I started it playing and handed him the phone, positioned so that Bill could also see the screen.

    The video was one of my favorites to watch. I'd lost count of the number of times I'd jerked off to it on nights alone in my apartment, and even in a university bathroom stall between classes. But this was the first time I'd ever watched it with anyone else besides Thorne or Brody.

    It started with a close-up of the father and son kissing passionately, with Brody's back to his dad's chest. Brody was leaning his head back, and it was clear from the positioning and the slow motions that they were fucking. That fact was revealed a moment later, as the camera's view moved along the curve of their bodies until it settled on Thorne's ass as it pushed forward and up against his son's. The angle changed and at the same time, Thorne moved his leg to allow an unobstructed view of his paternal cock sliding into Brody's smooth hole.

    "Damn..." I heard Bill whisper. I hadn't been sure if Thorne had ever shown this to Ridge, and perhaps even to Hank and Bill; but it sounded like this was the first time Bill was seeing it. His eyes were fixated on my phone just as much as Ben's were. Both of them already had a hand drifting toward their own crotches, their cocks starting to immediately respond to the incestuous coupling on the screen.

    "Dylan, I'm..." Ben started, and then trailed off as the video showed Thorne picking up the pace of his fucking. "Wow," was all he could say to complete his thought. We watched in relative silence until the video ended, after about two minutes. The night I'd shot it, that was as long as I'd been able to keep from joining in my two boyfriends' lovemaking.

    Without either Ben or Bill asking, I replayed the video. This time, Ben looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching us, and I smiled because I knew exactly what he was thinking; or rather, I thought I did. I'd expected this sexy stud to whip out that cock that I remembered so vividly – I'd never forget the sight of it sliding into his son's hole as I stood right next to them, and how Ben had jerked me off so that my load landed right on his cock. I'd watched him fuck my cum into his boy's hole!

    But instead of unzipping his own shorts, Ben reached over and began the process of getting Bill's dick out. The other man just smirked and slid forward slightly in his chair, giving Ben more access. I was suddenly getting hard myself, aroused at the thought of seeing Bill's massive endowment once again. It was pleasing to discover that my memory didn't do it justice. Bill's cock was well on its way to full hardness as Ben started to stroke it. After a moment, he looked over at me, a seductive grin on his face.

    "There's certainly room for two hands on this, Son," Ben said to me, and I felt my heart skip a beat. Hearing his voice speaking those words took me right back to that amazing night with him and Sam. My hand reached out and joined his on Bill's shaft. With both of us stroking him now, Bill couldn't help but start to moan softly and I felt some precum working its way out of his piss slit. The sticky substance was quickly spread around by our hands, and then Ben and I looked one another in the eye.

    As if reading our minds, Bill glanced around quickly, confirming that we weren't attracting any attention with our activities. The table was in the corner of the large bar patio and there still weren't many other patrons out here.

    "You boys should get your mouths on there while we have the chance," Bill said softly, but with a commanding edge to his voice. I was amused that he was referring to Ben as a "boy" despite the fact that they were so close in age, and Ben smiled at it too. Or maybe he was just grinning because he was going to get even closer to that twelve-inch monster.

    It was almost overwhelming, putting my mouth on that much cock, and I certainly didn't mind sharing it. Neither Ben nor I removed our hands as we got to work, though I alternated between stroking Bill and tugging on his nuts while I worked his cockhead with my tongue. Ben's lips would occasionally meet with mine as we aimed to keep every inch of Bill's shafted coated with our saliva, and making out with him while we both nursed on that dripping knob was a memorable experience all on its own.

    Our two mouths worked Bill close to the edge a few times, and before long we could tell he was nearing the big moment. Both Ben and I were eager to taste the fruits of our labors. I knew Bill's load had gone down Sam's throat when the three of them had connected that same summer I'd met them. And though I'd seen Bill's cock shoot before, in a circumstance not too different from this one, I'd also never had a chance to taste his seed. So both Ben and I tried to get as much as we could when the milky fluid started spurting out from the tip of that giant cock.

    I felt Bill's hand on the back of my head and I figured his other hand was on Ben, holding us both in place at his cockhead. We each alternated taking the fat knob between our lips to savor what was coming out of it, happy to share but determined not to let a single drop escape. Bill was grunting heavily, trying his best to keep things reasonably discreet, though I suspected the table of young men closest to us had some inkling of what was happening. But I was more than happy to have it known that I was sucking a load from this magnificent dick.

    As the flow of jizz finally tapered off, Bill's hand left the back of my head and I was able to raise myself back up. I could still hear Brody's soft whimpering from the video playing on my phone – Bill had kept it on repeat as we'd been servicing him, which made my cock throb again in my pants.

    My eyes met Ben's as we both took deep breaths and licked our lips. He smiled at me.

    "It's really good to see you again, Dylan," he said. "You've found yourself a wonderful family."

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